George Russell Talks ‘TROLL INC.’ and Weev

2010 was a pretty year. The rebound from the recession was slowly, but steadily improving. I had a new place, new job, and a new piece of tech that was hopefully going to replace my MacBook. The iPad was set to change people computer, but it came with a price. No, not the hefty $499 for the base model, but the cost of your privacy.

In 2010 a man going by the name ‘weev’ (Andrew Auernheimer) released a bundle of discovered data to Gawker, revealing that AT&T and Apple were not exactly keeping the data of early iPad adapters secure. In fact, it turned out that a simple change to a URL would let anyone with even the most limited HTML experience into a database of e-mails. What followed was years of questionable reporting in the media and an expensive lawsuit that saw weev put behind bars.

The path freedom, both of information and Andrew, was documented in a film called TROLL INC by director George Russell. We recently sat down with the filmmaker to discuss this journey of litigation and ethics.

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