‘Death Kiss’ Brings the Nostalgia in October

The late Charles Bronson owned a visage that just screamed “stoic hero.” When someone talks about vigilante heroes, the squint and hair of Mr. Bronson is always the first thing that comes to mind. Sadly we’ve been without that man for many years, and the action-vigilante genre has suffered for it. Yet, the great mystical Hollywood powers work in mysterious ways, and out of Hungary appeared a man who could take up the call for a hero.

Robert Kovacs is the spitting image of Charles Bronson, no doubt about it. Kovacs, is billed as a multi-talented, diverse actor and stunt man. Though I have not seen his work previously, if you check out our interview with Chris Hahn, he speaks highly of Kovacs during their time on the set of Escape from Death Block 13. With that said, let’s look at the Uncork’d Entertainment‘s Death Kiss.

Kovacs protrays The Stranger in Rene Perez’s Death Kiss, the tale of a roaming vigilante bringing his brand of justice to a city overrun by the weed of crime. Though it may bare bitter fruit, justice will be sweet.

Yes, that was a bad line, but I’ve been watching The Shadow and wanted to work his classic line in.

Produced by Inoperable‘s Jeff Miller, Death Kiss features Daniel Baldwin, Richard Tyson, Eva Hamilton, Stormi Maya, Leia Perez, Reese Austyn, and Sam Story.

Death Kiss will be available on digital/VOD October 2nd and on DVD December 4th. The disc will feature a director’s commentary.


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