Wrestler John Hennigan & Horror Legend Tiffany Shepis Star in ‘Strange Nature’

Special effects guru and director James Ojala‘s Strange Nature is a ecological horror story starring Lisa Sheridan (“Invasion) Stephen Tobolowsky (Memento), Impact Wrestling’s John Hennigan, and horror’s super seductress Tiffany Shepis. If you’re in LA, you can catch the film at the Laemmle Theatre in Glendale.


A children’s hiking group in rural Minnesota discover several live, mutated frogs along a pond. 

In the same area, a single mother, Kim, and her 11-year-old son, Brody, have just moved in with her estranged father, Chuck. It’s not long before they too start witnessing strange occurrences including a disemboweled deer and the family dog’s deformed puppies. 

As the fear rises the rumors begin to fly. Some blame the intimidating disfigured hermit father and daughter who live on a surrounding lake. Environmental science points to the water sources. Possibly causes are pesticides, parasites or both. As the chaos spreads it becomes clear that Chuck’s cabin is a hotspot ground zero for these mutations. 

Trent, a grade school science teacher investigating the cases begins to fall for Kim while trying to protect her and Brody from whatever is coming next. Suddenly, a couple of teenagers go missing. Their mutilated bodies are found only a mile away. The attacks are so brutal it doesn’t seem humanly possible. 

Then another. Could it be a man or a beast?

Finally, the unthinkable: the first human baby is born with similar horrid birth defects as the animals. Ultrasounds show an increasing number of abnormal fetuses with similar defects on the way. Upon delivery, the mothers start getting sick. Extremely sick. 

Fearful for her unborn child and family, Kim searches for answers and a safe escape…

if there is anywhere safe. 

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