Concert Review: Megan Davies at City Winery Atlanta

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Megan Davies opened for Boyce Avenue on the last stop of their acoustic tour at Atlanta’s City Winery on Wednesday, September 26 to a jammed packed house. The YouTube influencer, who is best known for doing covers and mashups, gave the full house a treat as she performed mostly original music. Davies spent most of the summer writing new music, including “Learning You,” which she played at the top of her set. What was so awe inspiring was it was just Megan’s voice and guitar up on stage with the accompaniment of her friend, TJ on guitar that harmonized so precisely, so perfectly to give such a lush and full sound.

What I think I loved about the show, was not just the passion that Megan carried out across the stage, but rather her set felt like story-teller’s hour. Davies is a great narrator on stage, giving in sight into her writing process, connections to the headlining band and glimpses into the life she has crafted for herself, but she is humbled “to the great listening audience” at City Winery. These little snippets felt natural, unrehearsed – just Megan talking with friends over a glass of wine. As an introduction to the song, Davies mentioned while she was out on tour that last year with Boyce Avenue when she wrote a song with them called “Doesn’t Matter,” a song about as you age the meaning of things becomes less important. These little details mean the world when learning and experiencing an artists work.

Davies also talked about how she does a lot of mashups and covers on her YouTube channel, but thought it would be cool to do a cover on this tour that doesn’t exist in the digital format, rather lives only in the here and now. Megan took Dupa’s “New Rules” and stripped it all the way down to showcase her amazing vocal chops and it gave me goosebumps. Finally Davies ended the night on her new single, “Moonlight” a song about her Senior Prom that was more pop inspired of all her songs. Over the arc of her set, you could really see the progression of music going from Indie soundscape to landing on hints of Pop undertones. Regardless of what Megan sings, it truly is a delight.

Megan Davis is a singer-songwriter with a story to tell, one that should be experienced live. If you get a chance to see her perform, she is one you do not want to miss. If you can’t until then, you can always pick up her debut EP, ‘Bad Poetry.’

Review and Photos By: Danielle Boise


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