Good Charlotte Brought ‘Generation RX’ to Atlanta

Good Charlotte

“I’m pretty much like a Disney character, except I curse a lot.” – Joel Madden

It has been a long time since Good Charlotte has graced an Atlanta stage. After what seemed like an indefinite hiatus, Good Charlotte returned with gusto to the Tabernacle stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd on Wednesday, October 17. They performed both new and old, very old, songs to a roaring venue with a 17-song set list. Good Charlotte rocked the Tabby to it’s core, rattling the windows as they performed songs like “Riot Girl,” “Life Changes” and “Prayers” which incidentally happens to be Benji’s favorite song on the new record, ‘Generation RX.’

Personally, for me, I think “Hold On” was a critical point of the night, a powerful song about recognizing that life is hard, it’s a struggle, but it’s a struggle that will pass. You just have to give it time and hold on for that moment to shine through. And of course the crowd went crazy with their breakout song that put Good Charlotte on the map, ” Little Things.” It was a night to remember, that’s for sure.

“The girls I see tonight and come to our shows, are the kind of girls the world needs in 2018.” stated Joel Madden as he introduced the song “Riot Girl,” for me this was such a key moment of the night. I loved how every song Joel or Benji expressed their feeling on what brought that song to life and gave us glimpses into the spirit of the band. It made the show even more personal than it already was.

What I really enjoyed about the ‘Generation RX’ tour stop was Good Charlotte delved not only into the history of their musical catalog, but really into a state of positivity for the world through music. They were really brought full circle a lot of love for the fans. All at the same time they had something to say about the world we are currently living in, without being political. Rather they promoted humanity and connectivity to each other over divisional political alliances. It was refreshing to see the connection between the band and the crowd throughout the course of the night. Good Charlotte is out on tour, in support of their latest album, ‘Generation RX,’ they will no doubt be in your area and really a band worth the ticket price.

Article + Gallery By: Danielle Boise


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