Warner Bros. Acquires ‘Ready Player One’

Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights to ‘Ready Player One’, a sci-fi novel by ‘Fanboys’ screenwriter Ernie Cline. The book just got picked up by Random House and the deal was made a mere day later. ‘Green Lantern’ producer Donald De Line will produce the film with Cline getting a first run at writing the script. The film was described as “Willy Wonka, The Matrix, and Avatar all rolled into one” during the bidding war for the rights.

The story follows Wade Watts, a near-future teenager who escapes his own bleak world by escaping into a virtual world called Oasis. When the billionaire creator of this world dies, he hides the ownership of the entire virtual world somewhere online, and players can start a treasure hunt to gain control of the whole thing. Wade’s hoping to be the one to find it – but he soon discovers that he’s up against corporate enemies who may well use real-world as well as virtual tactics to stop him.


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