We’ve Got an Atlantis-Sized Gallery of ‘Aquaman’ Images

A lot is resting on the shoulders of James Wan’s Aquaman. The hero and future king of Atlantis not only has to fend off dangers of the deep and Black Manta, but he is also tasked with the duty of pulling audiences back into the DC Cinematic Universe. The trailers show off an epic and colorful adventure, something that has been lacking from previous DC films. So, let’s get pumped up for Aquaman’s journey, by taking a look at a slew of stills:

Aquaman premieres in theatres on December 21st. Tickets can be purchased via Fandango and Atom.


In “Aquaman,” Arthur Curry’s quest to unite two worlds begins with a challenge that will test both his strength and the courage of his convictions: to retrieve the Lost Trident of Atlan. Only the true King of Atlantis can wield it, but to even find it he must partner with Mera, Princess of the ocean kingdom of Xebel, on a treacherous journey over land and sea.

The first hurdle Arthur must overcome is his own disinterest in being the solution to anyone’s problem—be it the Atlanteans’ or mankind’s. Up until now, he’s been satisfied operating as something of a super powerful lone wolf, choosing his own waterborne battles and avoiding involvement in any sort of global civil war.


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