Ryan Reynolds to Play Zombie Cop

Ryan Reynolds is certainly working on his comic book fanboy cred. He is in production on ‘Green Lantern’ and has ‘Deadpool’ (possibly with Robert Rodriguez) on his slate. Now, he’s signed on for another comic book adaptation and in this one,’ R.I.P.D.’, he plays a zombie.

‘R.I.P.D.’ was a limited series from Dark Horse that follows two undead cops in the Rest in Peace Department, a law enforcement agency that patrols the underworld. One of them, Nick Cruz was an officer in life and joins the R.I.P.D. to solve his own murder and get into heaven. McG (Terminator: Salvation) was originally attached to direct but moved on to make a romantic comedy called ‘This Means War’. Universal wants to start shooting in winter, but Reynolds’ schedule complicates the matter because of his very busy slate and early 2011 may be the only available window for the film.


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