Arlen Escarpeta Joins ‘5th Destination’

Arlen Escarpeta (Brotherhood) has signed on to ‘5nal Destination’, the fifth movie in the ‘Final Destination’ franchise. He joins ‘Mad Men’ actor Miles Fisher in the cast. Escarpeta recently discussed how this installment would be different from past ones. “I think the last movie it was just death,” Escarpeta said. “It was death, death, death, which is fine because that’s what people want to see. But this time we’re going to give them a little bit of everything — good story, great director — it’s going to be good. I think what they’re going to do really, really well this time around, they’re going to go back — the story, the plot, a lot of stuff is really going to matter.”

Eric Hiesserer (A Nightmare on Elm Street) wrote the script for the film, which will be directed by Steven Quale (Avatar Asst. Director). It is due for release on August 26, 2011.


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