Theatrical Releases for September 17th, 2010

Alpha and Omega (PG), Animation – Two wolves are trying to get home after being taken by park rangers and shipped halfway across the country. He is an Omega wolf whose days are about quick wit, snappy one-liners and hanging with his motley crew of fun-loving wolves and she is an Alpha that practices duty, discipline and sleek eye-popping moves. They have a thousand miles to go but first they have to survive each other. Stars voices of Hayden Panettiere, Justin Long, Christina Ricci, Danny Glover, and Dennis Hopper.

Catfish (PG-13), Documentary – An unexpected odyssey unfolds after a filmmaker’s brother begins receiving unusually advanced paintings from a supposedly eight-year-old girl.

Devil (PG-13), Thriller – A supernatural thriller set inside of an office building. There are some people stuck in an elevator, and one of them is the devil. Stars Logan Marshall-Green, Jenny O’Hara and Matt Craven.

Easy A (PG-13), Comedy – After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne’s in “The Scarlet Letter,” which she is currently studying in school – until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. Stars Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes and Lisa Kudrow.

Jack Goes Boating (R), Drama – A stoner limo driver embarks on such missions as cooking and swimming lessons, and develops an unlikely relationship with another lovable loser. Stars Amy Ryan and Philip Seymour-Hoffman.

Leaves of Grass (NR), Comedy – The story centers on identical twins, one an Ivy League classics professor and the other a hedonistic pot-smoking career criminal. Stars Edward Norton, Richard Dreyfuss and Tim Blake Nelson.

Picture Me (NR), Documentary – A personal video diary charting model Sara Ziff’s rise from fresh face to one that adorns billboards. The film considers the demand for adolescent models, the pressure to stay thin, the abuse of drugs and the persistence of sexual harassment.

The Freebie (R), Comedy – A couple has an enviable relationship built on love, trust and communication. They still enjoy each other’s company and laugh at each other’s jokes. Unfortunately, they can’t remember the last time they had sex. They begin to flirt with an idea for a way to spice things up. The deal: one night of freedom, no strings attached, no questions asked. Stars Dax Shepard, Katie Aselton and Bellamy Young.

The Town (R), Crime – After a particular job a gang of bank robbers lets a bank manager go unharmed. She lets her guard down when she meets an unassuming and rather charming man not realizing that he is the same man who only days earlier had terrorized her. The instant attraction between them gradually turns into a passionate romance that threatens to take them both down a dangerous, and potentially deadly, path. Stars Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Chris Cooper and Blake Lively.

The Wild Hunt (NR), Thriller – A medieval reenactment game turns into a Shakespearean tragedy when a non-player crashes the event to win back his girlfriend.