Sandra Bullock Offered Lead in Upcoming ‘Never Forget’

Sandra Bullock, who’s already slated to appear in four new features in the next year and a half, has been offered a role in the upcoming Screen Gems picture ‘Never Forget’.
Based loosely on director Robby Kushner’s documentary On Moral Grounds, [detailing a “woman’s quest to reimburse Holocaust survivors who were swindled out of their heir’s insurance policies by a European insurance company”], this seems like another Oscar-winning role for Bullock.

Bullock has yet to accept or deny the offer at the moment, as well as another offer as back-up lead character in Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming Gravity [should Natalie Portman pass on the role]. For what it’s worth, my decision on whether or not I’ll be seeing the film will be up in the air until her decision is made. Any movie starring Bullock is movie gold.

What do you think? Should she accept or deny this emotionally fueled role?


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