Innovations Changing the Film Industry in The Next Decade


The film industry is massive, and it is constantly looking to innovate and progress as new technologies become available. Film production companies are always looking at what could be the next big thing as well as looking at ways of reducing production costs and increasing profits. We look at what innovations are coming to the film industry and are going to make the next big splash.

New funding methods

Getting initial funding for films is always one of the biggest challenges that face production companies. Therefore, they are always looking for new ways in which money can be raised. Platforms such as Kickstarter have opened the doors for independent filmmakers to be able to find the funding, they need to bring their projects to fruition. Cryptocurrency investment is also another way in which filmmakers are looking to finance their films. Though as always with crypto investment you need to be careful and make sure that you find the right ways to invest. This bitcoin Gemini review details a cryptocurrency investment bot that can be used to generate income from an initial investment. This can then be used to fund your film project.

Autonomous drones

Whilst drones have been around for a little while now and are already being used in the film industry, the latest developments involve creating autonomous drones that have built-in artificial intelligence and knowledge about film making techniques. These drones are aware of things such as shot sizes, viewing angles, camera positions, and screen positions and so they are able to automatically adapt to the scene as it unfolds and ensure that they always get the best shots and pictures available without having to be told. This makes the art of film making so much easier. Having autonomous drones means that there is less of a need for active controllers and so this goes towards reducing costs of production.

Smartphone film making gear

To old school filmmakers, it may seem inconceivable that you could make an entire feature film using the phone in your pocket and yet such a thing has already happened, in fact, more than once. As more people attempt to use the technology in their pocket to make something grander than a simple YouTube or TikTok video clip then innovators will start to create gear that makes the process easier. Gimbals that take an iPhone or other smartphone are already on the market and this means that your film making can be smoother and more professional. As the number of products on the market increases this, in turn, will drive costs down and open the market to more and more filmmakers. The widespread acceptance of films born from this technology is just around the corner.

What’s next? 

The film industry is changing rapidly and what was once the preserve of only the large companies and big budgets is rapidly becoming more acceptable to the man in the street. As innovation continues to grow then new technologies are improving the process of making films and it will be interesting to see where it takes us.



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