Exclusive Clip: The Weirdness of Alien Encounters in ‘States’

What do wandering strangers and UFO fans have in common? They both appear in Zach Gayne’s States. I’ve seen this film pop up over the past few months, but couldn’t really put my finger where it fell in the geek spectrum. Then we happened to get this exclusive clip and I realized it is Gonzo weirdness in its purest form!

The film also features Alex Essoe who recently played Wendy Torrance in Doctor Sleep. States is available right now via VOD.


Inspired by daring works of independent adventurism, particularly in the Slacker spirit, States was made with nothing but a camera, two microphones, a credit card, and a passion for the open road. The film is a neorealist collaboration with carefully selected, very talented strangers-actors and non-actors recruited along the way-that tells an ensemble tale of drifters, ramblers, sirens, and gamblers. A transient road film featuring an array of young nomads wandering throughout the U.S. with varying degrees of purpose, or lack thereof, “States” is a multifaceted meditation on freedom via Twain/Altman/Homer and an outsider’slove letter to America and the searchers of its endless highways.


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