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MGM & Rights Holding Up Child’s Play Remake

MGM & Rights Holding Up Child’s Play Remake


With almost every horror movie classic already or in the process of being remade, fans of the spine-chilling killer doll Chucky are wondering just what’s the hold-up with a remake? Apparently, financial hardship and rights.

Until now, we haven’t heard much about the remake since the original film arrived in a special edition DVD. News is now in that Child’s Play is hanging around in limbo. While MGM struggles financially, the studio is also dealing with trying to sort out who will actually get the rights to the franchise: Universal Studios and themselves.

Writer-director Don Mancini, the one man who has un-debatedly been behind the franchise since day one, is letting few secrets slip of just how the remake will be scripted, but recently he shares a little by saying:

“I’m personally open to other things but I think that’s what the studio wants, because [Seed of Chucky] didn’t do very well so I think the feeling is that Chucky’s viability, his future is in the more straightforward horror vein. I was talking about the rights issues before, I don’t think it’s necessarily what we’ll end up doing as a strict remake. I think we’ll reboot it in the sense that it will just be more conventionally scary and it will only be Chucky and we won’t have Tiffany and Glen, but it won’t necessarily be a strict remake.”

When asked if Chucky will come from the same origins, he states, “We’ve explored a number of different possible scenarios. I’m definitely pushing to go in a very disturbing direction because I feel like if we’re going to go back to it being a horror movie, let’s make it really disturbing.”

So to sum it up Chucky fans, while this is definitely great news for the scripting of an upcoming film, the bad news is obviously overshadowing it. We all know when a movie ends up in limbo, it could be years before it finds it’s way to the light of the big screen – if it ever does.

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