Batman 3’s Director Releases Film Title And Key Plot Points

Christopher Nolan has big news for us! The director of the rebooted Batman franchise is giving fans some long awaited answers to the upcoming sequel, and finally, the title!

The title? The Dark Knight Rises. Now, about that rumor that The Riddler will makes his return to duke it out with the Caped Crusader? “It won’t be the Riddler,” says Nolan.

Okay, so will the film welcome 3D technology considering it’s popularity these days? The director makes the answer very clear: no. High-definition technology and the IMAX cameras similarly used to create the eye-popping visuals of The Dark Knight is the plan.

So how about some plot points…

Nolan does open up and confirm what has been rumored: the Caped Crusader will be on the run. But from who? Apparently, the very Gothamites he’s repeatedly saved from evildoers. Nolan goes on to say fans can expect new and old characters popping up in the film.

So now the big question is: who is the villian? Ra’s al Ghul, Scarecrow, Joker and Two Face have already starred in the previous films, and aside from the Riddler [who has just been ruled out], Nolan has previously ruled out using other major archfoes like Mr. Freeze or the Penguin.

So who else is there? Killer Croc? Man-Bat? Black Mask? Gentleman Ghost? Or a new villian? Batman fans weigh in: who would you like to see go head to head with Batman?


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  1. I am so glad he went with IMAX. The visuals on his films are amazing and the IMAX scenes in The Dark Knight came out amazing on Blu-Ray.

    I have read that Tom Hardy has been cast but they have not specified as who. Rumors are he will be Harvey Bullock, a detective that tries to sabotage Gordon’s career but later turns a new leaf and becomes “good.”

    Killer Croc would be an interesting villain especially since I have read they are filming some in New Orleans which would be a good setting for much of this villain’s scenes.