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‘A.C.O.D.’ Review: Family Feud, Subdued

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The new indie comedy A.C.O.D. (which stands for Adult Children of Divorce), starts off like most marriages. First there’s the romance period where the awkward charm of the movie pulls you in and you’re having a good time. At the film opens, we’re shown a clip from an old home movie of Carter (Adam Scott) […]

‘Parks and Rec’ Episode 5.02 Recap: The Big Gulp

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Being a show somewhat embedded in the political process, Parks and Recreation sometimes gets a chance to tackle the stories of the day. But usually, by the time the episode airs, what may be a funny confluence of our real nation and fake Pawnee can feel a little like sugar rot. Until now! Though Mayor […]

‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Movie Review: It’s Story Time

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Time travel is a slippery slope. First you go back to the future to save your parents, but then you end up initiating the butterfly effect all the way to the eternal sunshine of your spotless mind. But the chance to go back and fix your mistakes has a powerful allure to it, one whose […]

‘Parks and Recreation’ Episode 4.12 Review: Growing ‘Paigns

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Hey kids, welcome back* to Paul and Recreation! No no, not Ron Paul. (Calm down, Internet.) Paul Rudd, of course! In a welcome bit of stunt casting, the opening scenes establish Leslie’s opponent for city council, as Bobby Newport, the wealthy son of the Newports–they of the Sweetums fortune– who’s running because, well, why not? […]

‘Parks and Rec’ 4.06 Review: Doom, Gloom, and Bloom

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The impending end of the world is a great time to begin living. To spawn alternate timelines where life goes on a little bit richer. To reset the status quo and start a new journey. Thinking that you’re going to die— even if that possibility is minute in the face of an evil cult prophecy— […]

‘Parks and Rec’ 4.04 Review: Mighty Moping Pawnee Rangers

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Ever since the show’s second season rebirth, once a year Parks and Recreation has done an outdoors-y episode. Every time, these episodes remain some of the best of their respective seasons. In season two, Ron took the department on a hunting trip and bagged a…pack of ice on his injured skull. In season three, Leslie […]

‘Parks and Recreation’ Episode 4.01: Primary Colors

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Hooray, Parks and Recreation is back! And so am I, here to break down the weekly adventures of the best sitcom on TV. Don’t trust me? Ask the Emmy voters. What’s that? Modern Family bought out the comedy awards? What a scandal! Speaking of scandals, we last left Leslie Knope and her fellow Indianans in […]

‘Parks and Recreation’ Season Finale Review: 1 Hour, 4 Hooves, 5,000 Candles in the Wind

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Long time no see, Pawnee. While I was out it seems that our Indiana government buds made a lot of personal progress. Ann and Leslie had their first fight. Chris grew into his role as city manager. We learned of Pawnee’s sister town. But most importantly, Ben and Leslie finally overcame their obstacles and got […]

‘Parks and Recreation’ Episode 3.10 Review: Dates, Meats, and Chutney

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Before we start, I believe I might have been a little hard on last week’s episode. That episode was sweet, it was funny, but yes, also unexpected. Applause should be given to the writers for playing that plot point down this week, even to the point of nearly glazing over it. To recall the immortal […]

‘Parks and Recreation’ Episode 3.09 Review: Holy Matrimony!

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Remember how The Office handled its big wedding episode? How that show telegraphed the situation three seasons away but took its time building toward a really sweet moment? The kind of moment everyone could enjoy because we’ve spent so much time with these characters? Well pretend they got married in season three right after Pam’s […]

‘Fringe’ Episode 3.18 Review: Push It

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Before we start, let’s all celebrate the good news! Lost has been renewed for a fourth season! Wait…we’re talking about Fringe? Sorry. You’d have to forgive me, what with all the “people possessing other people” and pregnancy story lines and “evil organizations who kidnap characters and put them in a lab” going on. At this […]

‘Parks and Recreation’ Episode 3.08 Review: The Ground is Not a Floor

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Ah, the great outdoors. The trees, the wildlife, the fishing, the…German muffins. Sometimes it’s good to get a break from the city to go and clear your mind, to relax in the serenity as you attempt to live like our ancestors. Perhaps you just finished pulling off a job-saving week of joviality and celebration. Whatever […]