Graham McTavish Talks About His New Documentary ‘Men in Kilts’ & ‘Clanlands’ Book with Sam Heughan

Men in Kilts - Graham McTavish

You’ve seen him everywhere from AMC’s Preacher to Castlevania, to the new rebooted Ducktales, the Hobbit Trilogy to that one show you might have heard of, Outlander I present to you…. Graham McTavish!

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, Graham is Scottish and proud of it. – he even wanted to do a show in the 90s about the Scottish clans. “[I wanted to] do a show and try to connect people with their clans,” says Graham. “Nobody was interested.” Now, thanks to Outlander, he and co-star Sam Heughan are strapping in and bringing the viewer at home, Scotland by show and book.

Graham told Sam about his idea for a show about Scotland whilst filming Outlander. “I remember talking to Sam about it and saying that I really want to do a show about Scottish history,” Graham says, “I think Sam just ignored me at the time.” Fast forward and Sam is ringing up Graham and asking if he would want to do it(the show) together. “He said yeah we could do it as a podcast,” Graham remembers, “and I pretended to know what a podcast meant.” Good thing it went from podcast to a three-person camera show or else Graham might have had to ask Siri ‘how to podcast’.

But that’s not all!

Thanks to ‘stay at home’ orders, the lads went the extra mile and wrote a book together about Scottish clans as well. “I’ve always wanted to write a book,” Graham proclaims. “Coronavirus came along and all we could do was write a book,” Graham says with a laugh. They are writing their unique perspectives of the Scottish adventures they shared. “We were both present at everything that occurs, but Sam’s version of it and my version of it are somewhat different,” says Graham. The book promises to be an informative and fun read.  “My real thrust in the book was historical and Sam’s was really pretty much doing his best to put me into as many perilous situations as possible,” Graham jokes. At one point, they were on a tandem bike and Graham discovered that it was a mistake to sit in the front seat with Sam in the back. “I thought [Sam] was pedaling but looking back at the actual footage it emerges that he was just sitting there  with his legs sticking out of the side,” Graham complains, “just like a dead weight with me doing all the work.”

The show itself will be out on Starz and the book is available for preorder. Watch to learn more!


Video Edited By: Dennis Aronov