Nacelle’s Brian Volk-Weiss Talks Netflix ‘Down To Earth,’ Future Projects, and Growing Empire

Down To Earth

Heard of the Nacelle Company? No? Ok. Heard of Netflix’s Down to Earth with Zac Efron

How about The Toys That Made Us? Yes? That’s the Nacelle Company. The big man on campus there is CEO, Brian Volk-Weiss who also happens to be my friend. 

Brian is such a busy guy that it was nice to get him to sit down, Zoom style, of course, to chat Down To Earth’s success with it being #1 on Netflix worldwide for two weeks. You would think Brian is over-the-moon about it, but he has had a different reaction. “It’s an interesting thing in that… you really feel the misses and they hurt,” says Brian. 

Brian continued to elaborate on what he feels when his projects are successes vs. failures. “When it doesn’t work I can be depressed for months but when it does work it’s like ‘alright it worked, what’s next,’” Brian spoke candidly. 

Zac Efron didn’t only star in the show, but it was actually his idea. “It was not mine at all,” Brian clarified, “this all started with Zac. As we started putting the show together, it was clear that the subject was serious so the voice over should be a little lighter,” Brian says gratefully,  “and Zac was completely down with it.” He also told me about what is essential for a good documentary. “Wrap the spinach in ice cream,” Brian says, “you can learn stuff but you don’t feel like you’re learning stuff. Our goal is to take the topic and let people absorb it,” says Brian, “you can’t smash people with information.”

Nacelle has many upcoming projects from season 2 of their Netflix show Movies That Made Us to Disney +’s Behind the Attraction. If you want to know more about Down on Earth and Brian’s future plans for projects, check out the video below:

Video Edited By: Dennis Aronov


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