Geek Travel: Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in London Featuring Neil Kaplan!

Harry Potter World

Back when we were able to travel and see the world, I was lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter Studios Tour at the Warner Bros. Studios Tour in London! What a dream come true!

I was given two tickets for the tour from Warner Brothers. I went on the tour with my friend Neil Kaplan, who is an awesome voice actor and happened to voice Dumbledore in Robot Chicken. With my wand and activity stamp book made for children, we embarked on this amazing journey.

I took every chance I got to speak to others to see what they thought. Tracy, who worked at the ticket booth, told me that her favorite part of the entire tour was “Gringotts Bank.”

In the Great Hall, I spoke to Emma and Vicky about their favorite costumes. Their favorites were, of course, Daniel Radcliffe’s first Harry Potter costume at 11 years old and Moaning Myrtle’s costume as well. We were also told a fun fact about Moaning Myrtle: Shirley Henderson, the actress who played Moaning Myrtle, was 37 when she portrayed an 11-year-old girl.

We also were able to “magically” lift the broomstick in my hand. Let’s just say I have never felt cooler than at that moment.

I met Darcy in the Death Eaters section, and she told me a fun fact about Professor Umbridge. “My favorite thing would be Umbridge’s because… as she got more powerful she got pinker and pinker, it got bolder,” said Darcy.

You also get to watch me enjoy some Butterbeer ice cream. It was delicious, but probably not the best idea because only a few minutes later, I was freezing outside.

After freezing outside, we got to see the Dursley’s house, and we got to see where Harry slept under the stairs. We then went and saw Dobby and all the other cool creatures from our favorite franchise.

If you want to join me on my journey into the Wizarding world, check out the video below.

Video Editing: Dennis Aronov


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