I Put a Spell on You: Jordan Gelber Visits Salem’s Witch Pix During Quarantine Halloween


Last Halloween, Victoria Bennett (Adultish) and I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Salem at Halloween, and one of our favorite stops was Witch Pix, where we got professional quality photographs of our magical sides. This Halloween, Witch Pix got in touch with us to invite us for a behind-the-scenes visit, highlighting new coven couture and spooky Salem-themed sets! I’m super excited to share the magical time I had in this new video!

Braving the spooky Salem rain in my face mask and Seeker and Slade shirt, I met with the head witch herself, Hope Hitchcock, owner and founder of Witch Pix! Hope shared the story about how she came to turn a vintage photography studio into something a little more magical. We also discussed why women find witches so inspiring and captivating.

She also highlighted the two new amazing ranges of costumes available. Are you the Winifred, Mary, or Sarah of your coven? Then be prepared to cast a spell in their range of Hocus Pocus inspired dresses! If you’re in the mood for something a little more traditional, the new range of black and brocade witch outfits inspired by Margaret, the OG wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, is just for you! I also admired the new tapestry and jewel-tone courses, for the witch who wants a bit oomph in her spellwork! All witch-ware is size-inclusive, accommodating petite through 3X sizing because everyone needs to embrace their inner sorceress. I really appreciate how dedicated to inclusiveness Witch Pix is, particularly when compared with other similar costumed photography places.

jordan witchpix

The two new film-quality sets include the interior of a Witch Cottage and Salem Village in the era of the infamous witch hunts. The witch cottage looked amazing and included a bookcase with mysterious potions and spellbooks, a crystal ball to gaze into the future, and a spinning wheel to enchant lost princesses. The Olde Salem Village set has a cast-iron cauldron for brewing all your potions and an 8-foot tree perfect for lurking behind.

Hope also guided me through the new COVID safety measures in place, so we can stay witchy without cursing anyone this fall. These measures include mandatory masks, temperatures taken at the door, and 6-foot distances from store employees. You can be maskless during the photoshoot, and all sets and surfaces are sanitized regularly.

I chose the cinched waist Victorian witch outfit à la Margaret from The Wizard of Oz! I got to experience both new sets, and the pictures turned out pretty enchanting if I say so myself. The attention to detail is amazing – they even brought out the smoke and wind machine to make my cloak billow behind me as I stirred my cauldron.

Thanks so much to Witch Pix for this magical experience, transforming this Halloween into a witch-tastical time! Check out the website to schedule your own Witch Pix photo session!


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