Emilia Clarke to Play Sarah Conner in ‘Terminator’

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)is set to play the role of Sarah Connor in the new Terminator film. The film will be directed by Alan Taylor, who has worked with Clarke on Game of Thrones.

Clarke joins Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Clarke in the film, with Schwarzenegger playing the robot again while Clarke plays Sarah’s son John Connor. The film, which will be the first in a standalone trilogy, reportedly involves time travel to the future.

The film releases on July 2nd, 2015.


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  1. Emilia Clarke is an actress that deserves a chance. As she was born in London, England in 1987-8. From that of resources, Emilia grew up in that of the countryside part of Berkshire with her parents & sibling. She started her life unlike the average child with a father that is a theater sound engineer and mother – a business woman!

    The main reason I think she’d be great in Terminator is Emilia discovered her heart-felt dream of becoming an actress; at the young age of 3, when she accompanied her mother to the musical ‘Show Boat’. Its been told also by many that are fortunate to get to know this young lady that if she wasn’t going to pursue her passion: to be an actress… she would more then likely sought after to be an architect, a singer, or a graphic designer.

    Which leads me to that of a web designer | graphics (image creator) point of view, she has chosen the right path and I hope she continues to do so.