A Fellowship of Galactic Wraps and Heroic Capes at Elhoffer Design with Susan Damon


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The week of Christmas! Get ready to cram last-minute shopping into your schedule and pray FedEx doesn’t lose your overnight package – they lost mine. Curse you!!!

If you’re looking for some last-minute geek fashion, we at FanBolt have you covered. I called up Susan Damon of Elhoffer Design to talk about what’s hot, what’s on the horizon, and if we will ever get out of yoga pants in 2021.

“Elhoffer Design is a fun place for fashion where you can take off to a fantasy realm or a galaxy far, far away in our geek bound apparel, OR create your own casual cosplay with our Essentials! It’s a world of possibilities, and the style is all yours!” exclaims Susan.

She’s part social media manager, part marketing, part model, part Tik-Tok enthusiast all rolled up into one. In other words, she’s a goat (Greatest of All Time!). Get it!

Susan broke down the company’s history, how their designs come about, the utmost IMPORTANCE of being all sizes welcomes AND modeling the fashion in all sizes. While they do have “cosplay like” apparel, most of their designs are meant to be every day at the office wear (if you’re even in an office still) and not full-on mickey mouse on your chest kind of style. Not that you wouldn’t want to wear Mickey on your chest (I mean, you should, he owns your childhood, let’s be real). But sometimes, you just want to flash a hint of geek. You know, give them a little tease. Make them come back for me. They range from Galactic, to heroes to OMG! – There’s a LOTR inspired line, and I just CAN’T! GIMMIE!

That was a lot of caps coming out of me. Listen, that’s alright, you don’t have to read anymore – you can WATCH! (see what I did there?) Check out the video below to learn all about what the company has been doing to help other small businesses like themselves and what is next for 2021, besides Susan and I getting wearing something other than pajama bottoms.

Video edited by: Philip Louis Calabro


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