Geek Cocktails: The Dark Knightcap

Geek Cocktails: The Dark Knightcap

It’s time for another geek cooking adventure! This week, we’re making another cocktail from Insight Edition’s latest release, Gotham City Cocktails, which is now available!

What is Gotham City Cocktails you ask? I’ve got you covered. It’s a collection of geeky drink recipes and tasteful bar bites that takes fans on a trip through Batman’s hometown. Based on the iconic heroes, villains, and locations of Gotham City, this cocktail cookbook includes step-by-step instructions and tips on how to craft the perfect cocktail – and we do mean the PERFECT cocktail! Check out our full review of the book (and our first cocktail video with the Old Gotham) here.

This week, we’re making The Dark Knightcap! Check it out below.

Batman Cocktails: The Dark Knightcap

Want the recipe? Grab it below! And for more geeky recipes that are Batman-inspired, be sure to check out Gotham City Cocktails (I’m in love with this book you guys!!).

Geek Cooking and Geek Cocktails: The Dark Nightcap

Next week, the Botanist! So Stay Tuned and Geek On! 


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