The Suicide Squad LP Mondo Vinyl Review

The Suicide Squad Mondo Vinyl

We had the opportunity to check out The Suicide Squad LP Mondo Vinyl – and I have to say, I’m a big fan.

By now, if you’re a fan of James Gunn and his films, like Guardians of the Galaxy, you know that music is a pivotal key to his films. He uses music to set the tones and moods. It becomes kind of like a character of its own in the film.

“A movie to me is two things,” Gunn says, “Picture and sound. It’s how you put those two things together that help tell a story and hopefully move an audience. So, music is incredibly important!”

With that, James Gunn released a film earlier this year that you might have seen in theaters or on HBO Max called The Suicide Squad. Not quite a reboot/remake, but not 100% a sequel to the 2012 film (they called it a standalone sequel).

The Suicide Squad once again brings a lot of the James Gunn sensibilities and that definitely extends to the music. And Mondo is releasing a wonderful single-disc release of the film’s soundtrack.

The Packaging

The presentation in this release goes in a comic book direction. It’s bright and colorful and has an animated look and feel to it.

The cover features the member of the Suicide Squad in general action poses and the disc itself has a really cool starfish design of purple on blue. It’s a beautiful-looking record.

And the sleeve cover is an array of bright purple starfish. It all looks very rad and vibrant!

The Suicide Squad Mondo Vinyl

The Music

The music in this release is eclectic, to say the least. It ranges from 1950’s swing (Louis Prima’s ‘Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me) – Medley’) to punk rock (Pixies’ Hey) to Johnny Cash.  

It’s an interestingly curated collection that has something for everybody.  There is a theme to it, though.

All the artists on the album, at one time or another, were considered outcasts and misfits. They never quite fit in but were amazingly talented and had an impact.

The same could be reflected in the Suicide Squad. The quality of the album is superb. And despite the age of some of the music, it has been remastered and sounds clean and clear with no popping.

The Tracklist


  1. “Folsom Prison Blues (Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA – January 1968)” – Johnny Cash
  2. “People Who Died” – The Jim Carroll Band
  3. “Sucker’s Prayer” – The Decemberists
  4. “Samba Na Sola” – Céu
  5. “Whistle For The Choir” – The Fratellis
  6. “Point of Know Return” – Kansas
  7. “Sola” – Jessie Reyez
  8. “Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me) – Medley” – Louis Prima


  1. “Can’t Sleep” – K.Flay
  2. “Quem Tem Joga (feat. Gloria Groove & Karol Conka)” – Drik Barbosa
  3. “Rain” – grandson & Jessie Reyez
  4. “Hey” – Pixies
  5. “So Busted” – Culture Abuse
  6. “Oh No!!!” – grandson

Overall, this is a great addition to any record collection. James Gunn is a master of the mix-tape and this album shows you why. He takes a wide variety of genres and styles and brings them into a cohesive collection that is thoroughly enjoyable. It’s a lot of fun!

The Suicide Squad – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP is currently available from Mondo Vinyl.


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