Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Review: Brings Thrilling Action To New Heights

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol brings thrilling action to new heights in this movie. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt where he and his team are on their own after the IMF is blamed for a bombing of the Kremlin. They must track down those responsible and stop their overall plan before it’s too late, and while doing so avoid being captured by Russian agents. If caught, it’s not only game over for them but for the entire world as we know it.

I loved each of the Mission: Impossible movies and it was no different with this one. However, Mission: Impossible III was probably my favorite of the series and that is still the case after seeing this one. There was something missing with Ghost Protocol that just didn’t pull me in all the way. Of course on the action scenes they did an excellent job and that does capture your attention, but the story just fell short for me.

I liked the new team members and their introduction into the story, but I felt the fast pace of the movie left little time for character development. The character interaction wasn’t always the best and even though were some good moments with humor and intrigue mixed in, there were times when the humor was a little forced. I also wish the storyline provided a little more detail surrounding the overall plot of the picture. I think it would have helped paint a better picture if we could have sensed the tension earlier by realizing the severity of the situation and the need to stop the madman responsible.

I did enjoy all the great action sequences that are provided throughout the movie. It will have your feet tingling as you experience the height that takes place on the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The editing was good, especially in the action scenes. I felt the intensity and the drama build and they even threw in a couple of creative surprises that made me laugh, which by the way, relieved some of that tension.

There was a nice touch at the end of the movie that will answer some of the questions raised throughout the movie. Then again, it may leave you with more. I guess we will have to just wait until the next mission – should you decide to watch it.

There is a lot of good behind the scenes content that comes with the movie which totals up to over 2 hours. It features some deleted scenes, but most importantly a lot of behind the scenes content that I found to be very enjoyable – especially the work that was done on the world’s tallest building in Dubai. If you are a fan of stunts and how they put movies together you will certainly want to watch the extras.

*Note: The Best Buy exclusive limited edition 3 disc set has over an hour of the bonus content.

Grade: B+
Review By: Andrew Stevens

Official Site: http://www.missionimpossible.com


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