Author: Andrew

Forza Horizon 4: It’s Unbeatable

Growing up I’ve always had the appreciation for speed and going fast in many of the greatest and even not so great racing games. It

Acer Predator 15: Gaming on the Go

I fell in love with Acer’s Predator brand when I recently experienced gaming on the Predator Z301c ultrawide monitor. It has a sharpness and quality

Day of Infamy: Intense Warfare

Day of Infamy is a World War II shooter from the creators of Insurgency. Once again, New World Interactive has established an intense combative atmosphere

F1 2016: Racing Seriously

I’ve been enjoying the F1 video game series since 2012. Not because I was a fan of Formula 1, but more so because I liked

Old Time Hockey: Old Time Entertainment

Hockey is great. It’s fun scoring goals, awesome lining up massive checks, and crazy starting bench clearing brawls. Old Time Hockey is all of those