Day of Infamy: Intense Warfare

Day of Infamy is a World War II shooter from the creators of Insurgency. Once again, New World Interactive has established an intense combative atmosphere as Day of Infamy is a difficult and hardcore experience for gamers. Whether they are playing cooperative versus AI or on the competitive battlefield of multiplayer, it’s likely that one shot is all it takes to swing the battle in one direction or the other.

Day of Infamy feels like a classic first-person shooter experience that gamers appreciated years ago. It’s very straightforward when it comes to classes and combat, and it’s as hardcore as it can get as one shot kills in this game. Even though it’s molded in a vintage look, it plays like a deliciously aged wine as it provides gamers with a fresh WWII experience that can quickly become a lot of fun to play.

Day of Infamy isn’t always enjoyable though, especially when playing multiplayer. The game’s focus on realism and the likelihood of one shot eliminations leads to a lot of mix play styles that can deflate a player’s confidence and will in short time.

While there are team objectives that need to be played in order to win, gamers will experience all types of players that play the game differently. Gamers will quickly learn that it’s best to hold tight to corners, camp near bases, and hide in the shadows and grass. There’s definitely camping of some sort in the game, but it needs to be planned and done tactically in order to play the objective successfully. But this type of atmosphere slows down the pace a great deal to make sure every corner and building is cleared or covered. There’s no rushing straight in to the objective and hoping for the best in this game. There are also players who hide in the most random spots ever which can easily catch others off guard. Furthermore, there are the more experienced players who use similar strategies, but are far more skilled at rushing out at the right moment that will challenge even the best player’s reaction time. It’s an intense arena out there.

Players will go from having a lot of fun, with good kill streaks, to total frustration as they continue to get shot from completely unknown locations. But don’t worry about that too much, because the fun always finds its way back into every game. It’s a challenging experience that tests patience, but it’s so rewarding when a squad comes together to take an objective and claim victory over the other team.

Playing the objective in each game mode allows for good and challenging competition. Whether players need to capture a stronghold or maintain a firm defense to restrict enemies from capturing a zone, the game modes and different maps provide multiple layers of strategy and tactics which leads to continuous entertainment.

Even though Day of Infamy can certainly be overwhelming at first, once players start to familiarize themselves with the maps and objectives, that’s when their quickness, tactics, strategy, and overall skills will take over and start leading them to victory in the World War II setting.

Day of Infamy is certainly worth a look for first-person shooter fans, especially those who are searching for a more nostalgic FPS experience or a newly released game that takes place in the World War II setting. It’s definitely going to challenge the best of players, but once they get it down they’ll be addicted for quite a while.


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