Forza Horizon 4: It’s Unbeatable

Growing up I’ve always had the appreciation for speed and going fast in many of the greatest and even not so great racing games. It didn’t matter how good a racing game was as long as I could kick it into high gear and blaze through a course. Of course, I had a particular style of play that I used in every game back then. Did anyone else have those moments growing up when racing was more like a game of hockey where getting first place often occurred after putting every other car “into the boards”? That’s the style I grew up with, until recently.

As I’ve matured I’ve found an even greater love for racing, and that love has turned me into a pretty big Formula 1 fan. Watching every qualifying and race, and then also playing the F1 video games, I’ve become a new type of driver when it comes to each and every racing game. Now my appreciation for speed is combined with the perfectionist in me that demands that I hit my lines and perform each turn to the greatest extent of my abilities. All of a sudden, I’m racing clean and using my driving skills to secure first place finishes and not my ability to play on a lower difficulty with an overpowered machine. I’ve officially learned the sport.

Applying the brakes at the right time to make a pass and still perfectly hit the turn

Now that we have my past and present racing experience out of the way, it’s time to talk about my slow progression through Forza Horizon 4. Slow? Yes! Slow, because I’m playing entirely on Unbeatable difficulty, meaning more often than not I’m finding myself restarting multiple times before I put together those perfect drives to claim first place on the highest difficulty possible. Plus, it’s obviously important to run the same roads many times to perfectly learn each and every turn to get the most speed out of it.

I actually had a tweet about my experience of playing Forza Horizon 4 on unbeatable difficulty before I had a chance to write this article. Basically what I said was playing on unbeatable difficulty provides unbeatable fun. It’s as simple as that. While I first progressed into the unbeatable category on Forza Motorsport 7, playing it entirely on Forza Horizon 4 has established a completely new experience for me once again when it comes to the Horizon series. And because of that, Forza Horizon 4 is so incredibly good.

Applying the brakes to avoid the collision, and then moving to the middle of the road and back to the inside while using better acceleration to overtake second and first place. Woohoo!!

Now, is Forza Horizon 4 so incredibly good because it’s new and a member of one of the greatest racing franchises ever created? Or perhaps it’s because the Horizon festival is always exciting and then mixing that with unbeatable races is proving to be some of the best racing I’ve ever experienced. It could also be that the tracks are incredibly well thought out for racing, making each and every turn, swoop, and straight line a sensational feeling. However, I’m going to say that it’s all of the above.

Playground Games not only established an exciting new festival with so many fun events to take part in yet again, but the superb style, gameplay, and open world of Forza Horizon 4 is being met by my newly developed appreciation for clean and challenging racing at exactly the right time. This is creating new memories for me of some of the best racing experiences I’ve ever had in video games. Ever. That’s how good and exciting every race has been for me on unbeatable difficulty. That’s how fun it’s been. That’s what’s establishing this title as one of the greatest racing games ever. That’s why I now consider Forza Horizon 4 an unbeatable experience.

You can check out some of my full races on unbeatable below


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  1. Not here to hate, I like the videos and glad you’re pumped on the game but when it comes to Forza and most sim racing games the difficulty is not the hardest bots – it’s driving without any assists on and the rewarding feeling from mastering a cars unique handling without help. It seems like you have most of them enabled, and there is nothing wrong with that. Something to try on your next go around is manual, brake line only, stability off, and certainly turning simulation damage on might teach you not to rear end everyone. Guarantee you will find it rewarding and certainly very challenging.

    1. Hey Reece, no worries at all. I really appreciate the comment. You are absolutely correct that most assists are still active. I think I only changed the difficulty and turning off the ability to rewind. With Forza Motorsport 7 I use brake line only and simulation damage. I haven’t turned to that yet on FH4 yet though as you noticed and I am a bit cautious in regards to simulation damage on this game as its a bit more aggressive. I’ll certainly try it though and attempt playing with stability control off. You are absolutely right too, I will find it even more rewarding when I put together the perfect race without any assists. FYI though, I don’t know if I will ever get used to manual shifting. 🙂

  2. Hey man, really loved the article and I might try raising the difficult for myself. This game really is great. Some of the races make me want to come back and do them over again simply because they’re incredible to race. It’s really got me interested in raising.

  3. I can tell that the author hasn’t played online yet. I agree, the single player experience is fantastic. Once you hit online though… probably the worst online experience a Hotizon game has ever had. Kind of put a sour taste in my mouth sadly.

  4. Your article has me itching to get home and race! Just played the demo now trying to decide to buy or sign up for Games Pass.