Love Actually 10th Anniversary Edition Review: Love Actually is Still All Around

When Love Actually released 10 years ago, it easily and instantly became one of my all-time favorite movies. It has such a wonderful cast to play the role of these love stricken characters – characters that experience love in their own unique ways. It’s truly a wonderful movie for viewers to watch with someone they love. Or to inspire those who are alone to be hopeful that love actually is just around the corner and can be found in an instant.

I was excited to see a 10th Anniversary Edition of Love Actually, though I could hardly believe it had been 10 years since the movie first came out. Time flies by for all who are in love! I never owned Love Actually on Bluray, so this was my first experience with the movie in beautiful crisp high definition. I enjoyed the film just as much this time around as I did when I first watched it 10 years ago, and now would be a great time for fans to pick up the Bluray version, if they haven’t already. It’s a great gift just in time for the holidays as the 10th Anniversary Edition also comes with a “Love Actually is All Around” ornament, something that would look great on any fans’ Christmas tree.

The bonus features include over 30 minutes of deleted scenes, which I must give a lot of credit to those who made the decision to cut some of those scenes out. They definitely felt odd and out of place for the movie, but are still interesting enough to check out. It also has a feature on the music of Love Actually and The Storytellers behind the movie. Lastly, it features music videos for Kelly Clarkson’s ‘The Trouble with Love Is” and Billy Mack’s ‘Christmas is All Around.’

Love Actually 10th Anniversary Edition is a great version to own, but mostly for those who don’t already own the movie on Bluray. I also like having the ornament for my tree as it is made with fairly decent quality – it’s not plastic!

Once again, get ready to enjoy all the romantic stories that Love Actually has to offer during its countdown to Christmas. All of the movie’s best moments are still a delight to watch as love actually is still all around.

Grade: A


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