‘Last Vegas’ DVD Review: Old Guys Still Know How to Party

Last Vegas Review
Last Vegas Review

Last Vegas is about four guys who grew up together, only 50-some years later one of the crew decides he’s finally ready to get married, even though it’s to a girl that’s half his age. Which means a bachelor party in Vegas! Old guys dancing, drinking, and doing their best to have a good time is pretty much what the movie is all about – though it does eventually evolve into something more.

It stars Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Kline. There is, of course, a rift between Douglas’ and De Niro’s character as the story builds up to a point where they find themselves in love with the same woman, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. That’s what the main focus of the entire film is about in-between all the usual Vegas-style action.

It’s a rather humorous movie as these old guys set out to party even though they aren’t too wild – this isn’t the Hangover with old dudes! Some of the comedy is a bit over the top, but for the most part it does have fun with the age of the characters and that makes for a fairly entertaining film. It certainly has a great cast, especially with the addition of Mary Steenburgen who plays a classical singer in Vegas and is the love interest for Douglas and De Niro.

Last Vegas is exactly the type of movie a viewer can expect from seeing the previews. It’s not a classic, but is a fun and entertaining flick that sets out to do Vegas a little bit differently – with old guys! I like the theme of the movie, I had a few laughs and think it’s a fine film in the end. It’s not great, but it’ll entertain viewers for just under a couple of hours.

The Blu-ray features exclusives that cover shooting in Sin City, the Redfoo Party, and the Supporting Ensemble. It also features commentary, four legends, and more.

Grade: C+


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