25+ New Series and Movies on Netflix in August 2022

The Sandman

Ready for the next best thing to stream on Netflix? We’ve got a full list of all the new series and movies on Netflix for August 2022.

From Netflix Originals to our favorite classics, there’s something for everyone coming to the streaming platform next month, especially if you’re ready to binge a brand new series. (And we are oh so ready for Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman)

New to Netflix the Week of August 1 – 7

Big Tree City, Season 1 (2022)

This Netflix Original Kids series follows the adventures of Mr. Pickles as he and his team try to save the citizens living in Big Tree City. 

Men in Black 3 (2012)

Agent J (Will Smith) must journey back in time to save his partner after an alien criminal kills him in the year 1969.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst star in the second installment in the first Spider-Man trilogy. Peter Parker faces off against the villainous Doc Ock.

The Age of Adaline (2015)

Adaline has remained 29 for almost 80 years. She’s kept her secret all this time, but her love for a charming philanthropist causes her to make a life-changing decision. Blake Lively stars as Adaline.

Tower Heist (2011)

Feel like heist movies take themselves too seriously? Enjoy this heist comedy starring Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, and Casey Affleck.

Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 (2022) 

This Netflix Original Documentary gives you all the details of the disastrous Woodstock 1999 music festival.

Buba (2022)

This Netflix Original Film is a prequel to How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). It’s a con artist comedy about brothers joining a local mafia.


Kaori Makita directs this Netflix Original Anime about Mary Saotome’s success in gambling a year before Yumeko Jabami transfers to the same school.

Wedding Season (2022)

This Netflix Original Film puts their own spin on a classic tale. Asha and Ravi pretend to date to get their parents off their backs. Try as they might, they can’t stop falling in love.

Darlings (2022)

This Netflix Original Film is a Hindi-language dark comedy about a quirky mother and daughter trying to find courage and love through difficult times.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (2022)

In this Netflix Original Kids movie, the Turtles must band together when a stranger from the future arrives to warn them of an alien invasion.

The Sandman (Season 1)

Fans of Neil Gaiman can’t wait to see his famous comics come to life in this live-action adaptation.

New to Netflix the week of August 8 – 14

Instant Dream Home (Season 1)

In this Netflix Original Series, Danielle Brooks hosts a show that’s part home renovation, part heist movie.

13: The Musical

A Netflix Original Film adaptation of the Broadway musical, this film follows the story of Evan Goldman. When he moves from the big city to a small town in Indiana, he needs to make his Bar Mitzvah the event of the season to make new friends.

Day Shift (2022)

This Netflix Original Film pairs Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, and Dave Franco together in a film about a vampire hunter moonlighting as a cleaner.

Never Have I Ever (Season 3)

This Netflix Original Series created by Mindy Kaling about an Indian-American teenager gets its third season.

New to Netflix the Week of August 15 -21

High Heat (Season 1)

A Mexican Netflix Original Series by José Ignacio Valenzuela.

Look Both Ways (2022)

Originally titled Plus/Minus, this Netflix Original Film stars Lili Reinhart. Natalie’s life diverges into two separate realities: one where she becomes pregnant, and in the other she follows her career.

Royalteen (2022)

In this Netflix Original Film, Prince Karl Johan falls for Lena, but his royalty and her secrets make things complicated. 

Kleo (Season 1)

This Netflix Original Series follows a former spy seeking revenge after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Next 365 Days (2022)

This Netflix Original Film is a Polish erotic thriller and the final installment in the 365 Days trilogy.

New to Netflix the Week of August 22 -28

Lost Ollie (Limited Series)

This Netflix Original Series is a mix of live-action and computer animation that follows a lost toy searching for his family.

Mo (Season 1) 

This Netflix Original Series is a semi-autobiographical scripted show inspired by Mo Amer’s life growing up as a Palestinian refugee in Houston.

Selling the OC (Season 1)

A spin-off of Selling Sunset.

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure (Season 1)

This Netflix Original Anime follows Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Kaoru as they go to an amusement park that will soon close.

Loving Adults (2022)

This Netflix Original Film follows a couple that masquerades as the perfect pair after their son gets a clean bill of health from a long-term illness.

Me Time (2022)

This Netflix Original Film stars Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, and Kevin Hart. A stay-at-home dad goes out for a weekend of thrills when an old friend comes to town.

New to Netflix on August 31, 2022

I Came By (2022)

This Netflix Original Film follows a graffiti artist who discovers a dangerous secret.

What series and movies on Netflix are you the most excited for in August 2022? Have you been counting down the days until The Sandman releases? (We have too!) Sound off in our comment section below


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