Has Harry Styles Signed a 5-Year Deal with Marvel Studios?

Harry Styles

Word on the street is that Harry Styles has signed a five film deal with Marvel Studios! The deal is for him to play Eternal’s character Eros. And it comes with a pretty sweet price tag, $100 million!

The ex-One Director singer, 28, is said to have been in talks with executives to play Thanos’ brother, aka Starfox. This is the same character the singer teased at the end of The Eternals last year.

For those not familiar with the character, Starfox first appeared in The Invincible Iron Man #55, created by Jim Starlin. The character is painted as a member of Eternals. He was both on Titan. He is the son of Mentor and the nephew of Zuras. And he is Thanos’ little brother.

Sources in Los Angeles told The Sun on Friday night (July 29) that the studio is optioning Harry for “as many as five projects”.

Feige Talks Harry Styles’ Future in the MCU

At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spilled a lot of details about the upcoming Marvel Phase 5 (and even a little about Phase 6). Feige also confirmed Harry will feature in a movie alongside Eternals’ Pip the Troll.

He has also has revealed plans are already in place for two new phases of franchises. And spin-offs of the comic book world are also being planned.

Marvel Has Eyed Harry Styles For Awhile

An LA film consultant also told The Sun: “Harry was in Marvel’s sights for the last 18 months. Not only is he the biggest pop star of the moment, his star is so huge it transcends just film and music.”

“Harry has the midas touch and will be a huge deal bringing in different demographics and showing older comic book fans his talent,” the consultant added. “For Harry and his handlers, it was all about whether the project and the feel of the movie being right. Following several secret calls and discussions the deal has been struck.”

“And the surprise is that their deals pave the way for Harry to do as many as five projects for Marvel, which could see him as Starfox for 15 years,” the consultant went on to say to The Sun. “Feige and his team are delighted with the development. With his two new movies out this year, the talk is that Harry will become one of Hollywood’s most in demand leading men.”

“And certainly for Harry the deal is enormous. Certainly the money on the table for him to appear in a Starfox solo film would be astronomical – pun intended. And of course with each film, the wages rise. So should he keep playing the role for five projects, it is no
understatement to say he could be looking at £40 million and higher for a long term run.”

“Nowadays leading stars in these films get profit-share percentages too. The way that these Marvel films have performed and the loyal fan base that Harry commands, we are talking about very significant income figures.”

Harry Styles
Photo Credit: Cubankite

What’s Next for Harry Styles?

Next up for Styles is the premiere of his newest film, Don’t Worry Darling, . The film,on the set of which he found love with director Olivia Wilde, 38, is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.

His romantic drama ‘My Policeman’ is set for a world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September as well.

Are you excited to the news? How do you think Harry Styles fits in with the MCU? Is he the right choice for Eros/Starfox? Sound off in our comment section below!


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