‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Season 1: Filming Has Started on Marvel’s Newest MCU Series

Since being introduced as a Marvel series on Netflix, Daredevil is set to make a comeback, this time under the Disney banner. This move isn’t surprising, considering the strong fanbase that the original series amassed, with viewers eager for more of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock / Daredevil. And following a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the next chapter, Daredevil: Born Again Season 1, is on its way.

On January 22, the show began production in New York. And, fans have been actively spotting parts of production in the city. Below are some of the posts that have been shared on X, including the Nelson, Murdock & Page sign as well as mural of Kingpin.

Daredevil: Born Again Production

As the show is actively in the works, here’s everything we know so far.

Daredevil: Born Again

Daredevil: Born Again Is in the Works

Daredevil ran for three seasons as one of the Marvel entries on Netflix alongside four other shows: Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and The Punisher. Four of the shows culminated into one season of The Defenders before ultimately getting canceled on the platform. With a solid fanbase hoping to see the character return in a new show, they saw Charlie Cox reprise the role in a cameo for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Following the cameo, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin made an appearance on Hawkeye. Cox reprised the role again with a new suit in She-Hulk: Attorney-at-Law. Thankfully, fans can see the character return in a new series under the Disney platform in Daredevil: Born Again. Despite being described as a miniseries, the upcoming show is said to have 18 episodes.

Daredevil: Born Again was initially set to be written by Matt Corman and Chris Ord in their first project for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Corman and Ord were also going to be executive producers for the show. However, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the duo were quietly let go due to the WGA strike that started in May 2023, as well as creative differences.

Despite Corman and Ord stepping down as head writers for Daredevil: Born Again, some elements from their version will remain. Corman and Ord will also be credited as executive producers. Dario Scardapane was brought on as the showrunner, with Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead directing the rest of the episodes. Scardapane previously worked with The Punisher series, while Benson and Moorhead directed episodes of Loki Season 2.

It remains to be seen if the show, especially after Marvel’s creative overhaul will remain having 18 episodes. For comparison, the original Netflix series only had 13 episodes each.

Who Will Be in the Cast?

For Daredevil: Born Again, Charlie Cox will be reprising his role as the titular character, being one of the first to be confirmed. Vincent D’Onofrio will be returning as Kingpin as well. Michael Gandolfini was previously announced to be joining the cast in an undisclosed role, and the actor only revealed this character was from Staten Island.

Other cast members include Margarita Levieva, Sandrine Holt, and Nikki M. James. Holt is reportedly going to portray Kingpin’s wife Vanessa Fisk, originally portrayed by Ayelet Zurer. In March 2023, Arty Froushan was reported to be joining the cast as a character named Harry. James is reportedly going to play Kirsten McDuffie, a prominent figure in the Daredevil comics.

Jon Bernthal will also be returning to portray Frank Castle/The Punisher, who was first introduced in Daredevil Season 2. Bernthal’s version of the character also went on to get his own Netflix series.

Cox has also expressed interest in having his old co-stars return for Daredevil: Born Again, like Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson. Woll plays former assistant and reporter Karen Page and Hensen plays Matt’s best friend and business partner Foggy Nelson. To have them return would be great for the fans, but previous reports suggest that they won’t be returning. There is also Wilson Bethel, who appeared in Daredevil Season 3 as Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, inspired by the titular character’s nemesis Bullseye.

Rumors remain rife over who else will be joining Daredevil: Born Again. Some rumors speculate that the upcoming show will introduce White Tiger to the MCU, but that hasn’t been confirmed. The biggest rumor of all is whether Alaqua Cox, who plays Echo and was first introduced in Hawkeye, will make an appearance. It seems likely since Echo was last seen “killing” Kingpin.

Daredevil: Born Again

Will the Series Be a Continuation of the Netflix Series?

Will Daredevil: Born Again be a continuation of the Netflix show or a new series entirely? It will be a new series entirely. Charlie Cox also confirmed that this is a Season 1, rather than a Daredevil Season 4.

“We potentially get to tell some of the stories over and over again. In the same way that they do in the comics you know every now and again, they stop back at the beginning of Murdock’s journey as a little boy and they tell the whole origin story again. So maybe we’ll get to do that. I don’t know,” said Cox.

In the comics, the storyline for Born Again shows the titular character facing off against Kingpin. Kingpin manipulates Matt’s feelings for Karen Page to destroy the hero.

What to Expect from Daredevil: Born Again

While fans have longed for the return of Daredevil in the MCU, the character’s reappearance in She-Hulk saw him being a little different than he used to be. However, Cox addressed the comparisons in previous interviews. This may mean that the Daredevil in the upcoming show may still be the same one from the Netflix series.

“It should be and it is always the same character. The difference is just like with people, we morph and change and are very different based on what’s going on in our lives,” said Cox.

“The Matt Murdock from the Netflix show, that world, and what was going on for Matt meant that most of the time we were living with a man who had a huge amount of pressure and strain. And tonally, the show was very dark and gritty and heavy. I don’t know what the new show will be like. But when I came over to do Spider-Man and She-Hulk, the tone is much more lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek and fun and witty and full of levity. So the hope was that Matt can fit into that world and participate in it without it being a different character, a different person. I certainly had a really good time exploring that, experimenting with it, and seeing if it fit.”

Daredevil: Born Again

Daredevil: Born Again Season 1 Release Date Speculation

Unfortunately, there’s no set release date yet for Daredevil: Born Again. Though, we do know that the series is slated for an early 2025 release. According to a copyright filing, it’s believed it will debut in January 2025.

The show was originally scheduled for a Spring 2024 release. However, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes pushed back that timeline. Filming began on January 22, 2024, in New York.

Pre-strike filming was supposed to run from March 6, 2023, through December 2, 2023. We’ll update this article when an official announcement is made for the show’s premiere.

As with all other Marvel properties, Daredevil: Born Again will be exclusively on Disney+. For now, fans can rewatch the previous Daredevil series, which is also on Disney+.


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