Russo Brothers’ ‘The Electric State’ Cast Grows Even Bigger

Joe and Anthony Russo

The Russo brothers’ upcoming film, The Electric State, is picking up steam with new casting announcements. Michelle Yeoh, Brian Cox, Stanley Tucci, Jason Alexander, and Jenny Slate have all joined the highly anticipated, sci-fi flick.

According to Deadline, Cox and Slate will voice CGI characters in the flick. They join Chris Pratt and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown for the project, which will begin filming before the end of the year.

The Electric State is based on Simon Stalenhag’s illustrated novel of the same name. And the screenplay is being written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who previously worked with the Russos on The Gray Man and four Marvel films. The film  is set in an alternative future and tells the story of a teenager (Brown), who sets out with a robot to find her missing brother. 

The Electric State follows the Russo brothers’ latest release, also for Netflix, The Gray Man, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. The film was Netflix’s most expensive project to date, with a budget of $200 million. While Netflix is known for not making numbers available in terms of how many people tuned in, its safe to assume it was success for the streaming platform, as they have green-lit a sequel.

The Electric State is set to have the same budget as The Gray Man. Though that wasn’t the original intended budget. After costs increased, Universal, who originally had secured the distribution rights to the film in 2020, backed away from the project. Netflix swooped into and took over, and filming is set to begin in Atlanta this fall.

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date for the film as of yet. But check back for more details as they become available!


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