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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is an esteemed actor, director, and producer. He rose to fame not only for his brilliant performances but also for his unique voice as he is one of the most recognizable narrators in the industry.

With more than 140 acting credits to his name, it is no surprise that Morgan Freeman’s net worth is as massive as it is today. And with at least six projects in the pipeline, he’s not slowing down. Read on to discover Freeman’s most successful projects and trace his career from the beginning until now.

Morgan Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee
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Early Life

Born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 1, 1937, Morgan Freeman is the youngest among five siblings. His parents Morgan Porterfield Freeman, a barber, and Mayme Edna Revere, a teacher, struggled to provide for their growing family. They left behind young Freeman under his grandmother’s care so they could work in Chicago. However, he eventually moved back in with his mother a few years later.

At a young age, it was clear that Freeman had a profound love of show business. He saved extra pennies to watch his idols like Gary Cooper on the big screen. And he would have his first taste of acting when he claimed the lead role in a school play at the age of nine.

At 12, it became more apparent that acting was Freeman’s forte. He won his first award at a statewide drama competition only three years after his first acting experience. He graduated from Broad Street High School in 1955. Jackson State University offered him a partial drama scholarship, which he turned down to enter the United States Air Force.

After serving for four years, Freeman moved to Los Angeles, California. He took acting and dancing classes at the Pasadena Playhouse. And he also enrolled at the Los Angeles City College, taking up theater arts.

Morgan Freeman
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From Broadway to Hollywood

Morgan Freeman started his professional acting career in a 1967 off-Broadway debut. In 1968, he starred in an African American Broadway production of Hello, Dolly! alongside Pearl Bailey. He also appeared as a regular cast member in the 1971 educational program called The Electric Company. This stint gave him recognition and financial stability.

He got cast in various movies in the 1980s, earning him the “father figure” reputation. In 1987, Freeman landed his first big break in the film Street Smart. He delivered a stellar performance, which earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Academy Awards. His role as ‘Fast Black’ is # 77 on the 100 Greatest Performances of All Time published by Premiere Magazine.

Morgan Freeman
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Freeman was already 52 years old when 1989 hit Driving Miss Daisy was released. Grossing $145 million, the film enjoyed commercial success and an Academy Awards Best Picture accolade. Next up would be Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) and The Shawshank Redemption (1994), IMDB’s greatest movie of all time.

Morgan Freeman’s net worth ballooned as he catapulted into A-list fame. Some of his notable portrayals include his performance as God in the 2003 mega-hit Bruce Almighty. And after previous Oscar nominations, he finally won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby (2004).

The commercial success of Olympus Has Fallen (2013) had him reprise his role as ‘Allan Trumbull’ in two more sequels. He also starred in the Now You See Me film series and the 2019 crime comedy The Comeback Trail. His latest title is the 2022 thriller Paradise Highway, a multinational co-production between the US, Switzerland, and Germany.

Morgan Freeman
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Artistry and other works

His directorial debut was in 1993 for the film Bopha under Paramount Pictures. When asked for directing advice, Freeman believes the most crucial job is the casting. He maintains that everything else falls into place with the right cast.

Freeman’s booming voice also has made a name for itself in Hollywood. He is a top pick for narration in documentaries and films. In 2005, he narrated March of the Penguins and War of the Worlds. He also voiced several Visa commercials, which according to a 2010 Forbes article that gig added $1 to $2 million more to Morgan Freeman’s net worth.

The Mississippi’s Best Awards granted Freeman the Lifetime Achievement Award for his artistic performances in theater and film. He is also an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at Boston University.

One of his proudest achievements is his outstanding portrayal of Nelson Mandela, former South African President. The film, Invictus, recounts the events before and during South Africa’s hosting of the 1995 Rugby World Cup. This movie earned him an Academy nomination for Best Actor.

Lori McCreary and Morgan Freeman
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Business endeavors

Along with business partner Lori McCreary, Freeman established the film production company Revelations Entertainment. This 1997 venture was followed by ClickStar in 2006, a joint film download company with Intel Corporation. This online movie service stopped operation in 2008.

The Hollywood A-lister is also the owner of the Ground Zero blues club in Clarkdale, Mississippi. The place appeared in several shows and publications, which include the documentary The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman and daughter Morgana Freeman-
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Personal life

Morgan Freeman married on October 22, 1967 to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. The marriage ended in 1979. His second marriage was with Myrna Colley Lee in 1984, which lasted until their separation in 2007. They divorced in 2010, with Freeman allegedly paying around $400 million in a settlement. In total, Freeman has four children, Alfonso, Deena, Morgana, and Saifoulaye. 

Freeman has DPN, a skin condition characterized by tiny dark skin lesions. Some fondly call his facial DPN as the ‘Morgan Freeman moles.’ He inspires and empowers many people to love their skin despite their Black beauty spots.

When it comes to hobbies, Freeman keeps several beehives on his Mississippi estate with the dream of becoming a professional apiculturist. His 124-acre ranch is now a sanctuary designed to save the bees.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Morgan Freeman’s Net Worth

Working on project after project during his prime years increased Morgan Freeman’s net worth to a whopping $250 million. He is the third highest-grossing actor of all time. And at 85 years old, he’s still going strong!

Fans can see Freeman next in the neo-noir suspense thriller, The Minute You Wake Up Dead. He’ll also star in Zach Braff’s upcoming film, A Good Person, which also stars Florence Pugh and Molly Shannon.


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  1. A film I watch over and over again is not makes me tear up even now is Glory a film about sacrifice..the ultimate sacrifice a person can give..he is a great actor and I am from the south..Texas

  2. I’ve read several pieces on Morgan Freeman and there is one thing in common among all of them. They never mention his performance as Joe Clark in Lean On Me. I consider it his finest performance

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    If Morgan has a business card, it should have what our realtor’s card has in it: “Expect Excellence”
    Keep up the exceptional awesome work.

  5. I don’t understand when you say Morgan Freeman is worth ,,$250million but in his divorce he paid $400million in settlement I don’t get that

    1. It means that if had he not lost that in the divorce settlement – his net worth would have been significantly higher.

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    Stepping in the same shoes One, makes me ponder deeply in my soul.
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    1. The estimated net worth is current after the divorce. He would have been worth significantly ore before the divorce. Likely north of 600 million.