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Home TV ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ Season Finale Review: Beautiful Day
‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ Season Finale Review: Beautiful Day

‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ Season Finale Review: Beautiful Day

Last night’s episode was definitely a roller coaster ride. I must admit, it was better than I thought it would be. I wasn’t looking forward to the finale, because I didn’t really care for the previous episode, but ‘Beautiful Day’ definitely reminded me of how much I love this show!

From the very beginning, you get a cute type of vibe. Especially for all of you “Team Alek” fans. Sadly, the cuteness didn’t last very long. Zane, Jasmine’s boyfriend, is plotting big time. He’s trying to kill the pack, and he might actually succeed. Three minutes in, and I’m already nervous.

To my dismay, the Alek (Benjamin Stone) and Chloe (Skyler Samuels) moment didn’t last very long. Why? Well, because Chloe decided it would be a great idea to go on a road trip with Brian (Grey Damon) to visit his Grandmother. From the very beginning I thought this would be a bad idea. No matter how much you love this show, you have to admit that it’s kind of predicable. Chloe, being the sweet person she is, tries to help someone and ends up getting herself, and others around her, in danger. Sad, but very true.

While Chloe was out with Brian, everyone else was having a heart attack. Okay, why did she have to lie about being with Brian? Chloe, will you ever learn? Well, not even five minutes at the Grandmother’s estate, and Chloe breaks in. See, I told you. Danger. Lucky for her, Brian’s grandmother is a sweet, innocent old lady who wouldn’t harm a fly. *Cough* Not. *Cough*

As Brian and his long, lost Grandma were chatting it up, Chloe gets a surprising email.


This text definitely surprised the audience, as well as Chloe. Yet somehow, she manages to keep her cool, and have an intriguing conversation with Brian’s Grandmother. She reveals that she wouldn’t be surprised if Brian’s father played a part in his mother’s death. Right as Chloe and Brian left, it was revealed that Brian’s grandmother is in on the whole “Mai” situation. And the plot thickens.

Just as we thought things couldn’t get worse, Zane shows his face. This is really bad, if there was ever a time to NOT be nice to Jasmine’s boyfriend, it would be now, Valentina (Alicia Coppola)!

Alright, now I hate to write this, but as Chloe was discussing her messed up love life to her mom, Meredith (Amy Pietz), she dropped a huge bomb. Chloe finally admits that she is in love with Brian. Okay, this wasn’t really a shocker, but poor Alek. Seeing as he’s the best boyfriend EVER, he was making sure she was okay, and heard everything. Now, this is when I get mad. I hate how Chloe drags along these two boys. It isn’t fair, and it’s really shallow. Trust me, I wouldn’t be saying this unless it was true. Chloe seems like the LEAST shallow person ever, always helping people, but the fact that she does this? Not cool, Chloe.

Just as Alek leaves, clearly heart broken, Chloe receives a text from her dad, telling her where to meet him. Just as she was leaving the house, Brian happened to stop by. He offered to drive her, and the second she gets into that car, I knew this could not be good.

Frankly, three surprising/awesome/heartbreaking scenes happen.

1. Valentina gets attacked by Zane. He poison’s her, and reveals that he’s going to kill Jasmine as well.

2. Mama King is on a date with Brian’s dad. Um, this won’t end well.

3. Chloe is attacked. It is revealed that she was tricked, her father never sent her any emails. I must admit, I was pretty disappointed, but I saw this coming. She is attacked by four men, but manages to fight them off. Just as we think she’s in the clear, Simone (Jolene Andersen) shoots her to death. Two lives down, seven lives to go.

4. Jasmine walks in, and realizes that her mother is borderline dead. This resulting in an awesome fight between her and Zane. To make an extremely disappointing story short, Zane stabs Jasmine and she ‘seems’ to be dead.

Wow, a lot can happen in a few minutes!

Just as we thought enough had happened, they leave us with two very interesting cliff-hangers. Right when Chloe dies, Brian runs in. He isn’t aware of the whole “nine lives” situation, so he is heartbroken. As Chloe lays lifeless in his arms, he whispers “I love you” over and over. Okay, I’m Team Alek, but this got me. Just as she comes back to life, they kiss each other. So sweet. A human and a Mai kissing… Wait a minute.

To conclude the season finale they dropped a huge surprise on us. Zane and Alek are brothers. Whaaaa? Okay, I felt this finale was a tad bit predicable, but I did NOT see that coming! Also, I didn’t expect for Brian to die. Ever. Yet, Amy and Paul walked in on Brian laying lifeless in Chloe’s arms. Jasmine, Valentina, and Brian dead? Writers, please fix this.

Overall it was an enjoyable season finale, it kept my interest the whole time. I felt it was slightly predicable, but it did surprise me sometimes. I’m hoping Nine Lives gets renewed, because I must know what happens to Brian! Congrats Nine Lives, on an awesome first season.

Rating: B-


  • What was your favorite moment?
  • Do you think Brian’s gone for good?
  • If Nine Lives does get renewed, what are you hoping to see?
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  1. I agree…poor Alek. And I totally agree….Chloe is stringing along these 2 poor guys and it’s a really mean thing to do. What is her deal? Frankly…I find her more and more annoying. The character has no focus. She’s too selfish and naive most of the time. She needs to grow up a bit.
    I think this show won’t get renewed and I’m not sure I’m not upset about it. There are a lot of Alek fans and I think they are not happy with the show constantly putting her back with Brian. I think the Brian casting was wrong. The actor just seems sleazy to me. I don’t like the look of him.

  2. My mouth dropped when I heard Zane and Alek are brothers.. umm what???? Poor Alek I’m so on his team.. I wonder if Brian is really dead or not.. hmmm.. That episode was awesome!!! I hope they renew it.. That would totally not be cool if they just left us hanging like that..

  3. I love the show, I’d be gutted if it wasn’t renewed. I am definately team Alek but you cant stand in the way of true love, mabe next season can be Brian and Chloe season and then he ends up being evil or something, I don’t think he’s dead.. remember Brian’s dad sending scar face into that gu chloe kissed first’s house? somethings up there. In the end Chloe and Alek need to get together!

  4. Alek is gonna be so messed up after this… like no joke. he just found out Chloe is in love with brain, and then he comes home to see the dead bodies of the two people who are pretty much his only family… and then finds out, oh hey, BTW, you have a brother. great, huh? except he killed your family and now he’s probably gonna kill you. i am so worried for Alek… gah there better be a second season!!!!! anyone else think jasmine will live? I’m betting valentina dies but they can somehow save jasmine. i mean, she only got stabbed, not poisoned, so maybe they can save her. as for Brian… god as much as I wish he would be actually dead (it would create a WHOLE LOTTA DRAMA- I’m not just trying to get him out of the way), I’m pretty sure the writers won’t actually kill him off. He’s a big part of the story. Whew. CANNOT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.


  6. I absolutely loved this episode and I’m a team Brian all the way.

    Alek reminds me of the grade-A hot jerk you see in school everyday. The dangerous, bad-boy, with an arrogent smile and a switching persona. I hate that all the girls drool over the one with the confident buffs. Brian is sweet, caring, and always there for Chloe. Alek is a confused shmuck who wants Chloe to himself and isn’t open to her with friends.

    It annoys me how everyone chooses the second guy over the original. Jacob over Edward. Peeta over Gale. And now Alek over Brian!

    ARG! Get over it you guys and realize that you’d never want to commit yourself to a guy who’ll always be vain!

  7. Who LOVES alek?? MEEE!! Who wants Brian to leave chloe alone? MEEE!!! Okay so I think she is only forbiden from kissing humans after she is transformed into cat lady. So she NEEDS to be with ALEK (I’ve been saying this from the beginning) But did anyone notice when she kissed Xavier in the beginning that his brother said that he finished him off? And when theBrazillian girl kissed the guy she also stabbed him. Maybe a kiss seriously hurts them but they def made a loop hole for Brian to come back alive. Oh and I want Chloe’s mom to know bout her being Mai.

  8. @Relle
    Kay so sorry u don’t like Alek but he’s like the best BF ever!! And after he understood Chloe better he was totally open to her friends (well I guess in a I’m cooler than you way) but he’s super sweet to Chloe!! I think Brian keeps trying to push Chloe too far and he can’t take a hint, that’s what may have got him killed!!

    You got to admit, Sparkly Hot guys wins over Hairy Hot guys.

  9. Did anyone else catch on that Chloe is down 3 lives now? The article her mom has shows that she survived a “massacre” as a child. Odds are she lost a life there and no one was there to see her come back. Also any word on the show being renewed!!?? It can’t end like that!

  10. YESS I totally forgot bout that JPEN!!

    EW: they are not cousins jasmine and valentina are like aleks foster family.

    Kay new thought. If valentina dies who are jasmine and alec gonna live with?? Theyr minors so they can’t live by themselves right?

  11. i love this show… it keeps me hooked on the whole time…. and i love her with alek, and i want her with alek, but shes happier with brian, and theyre just more comfortable together.. but alek is wicked hot, even though hes a little overprotective… but i refuse to believe brian is dead. ughh!!! its so frusturating i wanna see the next episode… now.

  12. I am dissapointed in Jasmine dying. I can understand if Valentina dies, but to kill off Jasmine?
    It’s heartbreaking. But what makes this entire series so devastating is that we have yet to hear if the series will be renewed another season.
    UGHHH! Writers, y u hate me so much?

  13. They’ll find a way to bring jasmine back. It was just a stab inthe tummy. Alek will be amazing like he always is and save her. However I think valentina will die. IF they continue the series which I’m DEF hoping for!

  14. EVERYONE sign this for another season! 🙂 I saw this on another site when I was trying to find out if they renewed it or not. Spread the word! Jasmine will probably be saved, and there must be some catch to Brian. And as far as Chloe and Paul kissing, it was when she turned 16 that her Mai powers “started.”

  15. I really hope Brian somehow, hopefully, becomes alive again.. That sounds really unlikely, but I really hope he’s gonna be alive!!!!!! I started crying when he died!

  16. Love the show! Who else thinks that Bryan is 1/2 Mai? I have always felt that Bryan’s mother is (was) Mai…and Bryan’s father had her killed (or hidden away for a big reveal)Loved the last show…..

  17. wow that was such a great episode. as much as i dislike brian on the show, i really dont see them killing him off for good. I love Alek, i felt so bad for him in that episode. its bad enough he finds out that chloe is inlove with brian, but then to come home and find out that the two people he cares about the most are dead and his brother is responsible for it?? he is going to put all that anger/frustration into killing zane and bringing revenge to his family. and what is the deal with brian’s grandmother? how did she get the storybook? his chloe’s dad connected to them in some way? this show better be renewed!!!

  18. What is up with some people saying that fans like Alek because he is a bad boy? What has Alek ever done to make him a bad boy? He has put his life on the line time and time again for Chloe…not because he had to but because he loved her. He has gone out of his way to protect her mother and has made every effort to know her friends. In my book that is called an amazing person. I believe Chloe and Alek should be together because they have undeniable chemistry. Their relationship has evolved slowly and I find that to be more meaningful in the end. Brian/Chloe couldn’t buy their chemistry even if their lives depended on it. Their “soulmate” love was rushed and has zero credibility since all he does is dump on a young girl about his mother’s murder. The writers/producers have been forcing the soulmate aspect down our throats all season and purposely made Alek appear weak and selfish in the finale while Brian rushed after her to fake cry and recite some very unfelt I love yous.

  19. MY GOODNESS CHLOE!!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!!! She’s starting to annoy me. SHe keeps hurting Alek and Brian, dragging them on, and it’s all so pointless. She has NO FUTURE with Brian! If they kiss, he dies! Which is exactly what happened and its her own stupid fault. On another note, the writers won’t kill Brian, they’d rather annoy us some more. Yes, I find Brian annoying. He can’t take a hint! He’s needy, has no friends, and he’s nosy! Chloe doesn’t need him to hold her hand the whole way! So what if she was going somewhere different than where she said she was going? It was personal!!!!! Mind your own business! And notice how all they talk about is Brian? Brian’s problem’s, his moms death, his dad doesn’t love him, boo hoo! But ANYWAY, he isn’t dead, because Alek himself said a Mai kiss may lead to PARALYSIS or death. So he’ll be paralyzed for a while.
    And killing Jasmine was SOOOOOO uncalled for. Seriously! They could’ve done so much with her! Chloe’s hopeless without her!
    Note: Can everyone PLEASE stop saying Team Alek/Team Brian?! This isn’t Twilight kiddos!
    Luv Nine Lives Forever


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