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The Lying Game Review: Being Sutton

The Lying Game Review: Being Sutton


Only two episodes in, and we’re already clinging to our seats! During last night’s episode, we learned a lot about our main characters. Shocking revelations.

The episode starts off with Emma (Alexandra Chando) getting comfortable in Sutton’s closet. I mean, who wouldn’t, it’s like a mini-mall in there! As she was trying on a fabulous hat, she gets a message from her lovely foster brother, Travis. Major sarcasm there. There is absolutely nothing lovely about Travis. In all honesty, he freaks me out.

Speaking of freaking out, Emma is pretty much over her head in all of this. Everyday she learns something new about her twin sister, and the only thing she had to let her remotely know anything, was Sutton’s laptop. Which was stolen. It’s just not her week, is it? Even though Emma gets the closet, and the family, and the super-hot mysterious boyfriend, I feel bad for her. Slightly. She’s pretending to be someone she barely knows, and that’s got to be tough. The only plus side, is that she has Ethan (Blair Redford) to help her out a bit.

Not only is Ethan helping Emma out with her “Suttonism,” but he’s also helping her out with her dancing! Seeing as there’s a father-daughter dance coming up, and Emma has absolutely no clue how to dance, it seems appropriate. Shall we start with our “ship” names?

Sadly, Emma’s not the only one who doesn’t know how to dance. Char (Kirsten Prout) is obviously not a natural ballet dancer, which is why she gets cut from a recital. Mads (Alice Greczyn) and Emma are completely supportive, while Char’s extremely disappointed, but not only that, she’s scared of what her mom might do. Honestly, with good reason. Char decided to tell her mom, for which she replied,

“You know, sometimes I wish–”
“Go on, you wish I was like one of them.” -Char

Ouch. What was even worse, was the fact that her mother didn’t even try to reassure her. Luckily, Emma stepped in to defend her ‘friend.’ This act caused Mads to notice another difference with the ‘post Paris’ Sutton.

As we’re on the subject of controlling, slightly evil parents, why not talk about Mads and her dad? It’s clear that Mads has been through a lot, with Thayer (Christian Alexander) running off to L.A. and all. Yet, it’s clear that Mads completely supports his decision, while her father is completely against it. He makes that clear when he storms off, yells at Mads, and starts to blame Sutton for Thayer leaving. If that’s not bad enough, he ends his tirade by punching our dear Ethan. Seriously, not cool.

As Ethan tries to defend Sutton, Mads’ father decides to call the police. Not good, Ethan has already been to juvie. Lucky for them, Ethan’s brother, and Mads’ dad go way back.

As Emma checks in on Ethan, she decides that it’s time to come clean. Uh oh, this won’t end well. As she tells Ethan’s brother, the police officer, the whole ordeal, it is revealed that Sutton played a lot of pranks on the police the previous year. A little game of the girl who cried twin? I think so. Of course he wouldn’t believe her, I mean, I probably wouldn’t either if I was in his situation. Emma, being the optimistic person that she is, would’ve tried harder, if it wasn’t for the fact that she got a text from Sutton. Sigh of relief!

It is revealed that Sutton is alright, but she still won’t be back for a few days, leaving Emma to keep up her act. It is also revealed that Sutton isn’t working alone on her quest to find her birth mother. Thayer, Mads’ brother, is helping her. I should’ve seen this coming! Sutton went to L.A. to find her birth mother, which is where Thayer is staying. I guess putting the pieces together is harder than I thought!

Just as we thought things couldn’t get more complicated for Emma, her parents walk in on her and Ethan. They may not have been doing anything bad, but I’m sure her parents don’t appreciate Sutton/Emma having a boy sneak into their room.

As if our jaws weren’t already on the floor, they reveal that the person who stole Sutton’s computer was none-other-than….. Mads’ dad. Uh oh, I can’t think of worse hands to have that computer in. Can it be next Monday yet?

That episode was simply amazing. The Lying Game not only has suspense, but also a family aspect to it. It shows vulnerability, and it keeps us clinging to our seats. If you’re not watching The Lying Game, I’d do so fast.

Rating: A


  • Are you liking Emma and Ethan together?
  • What was your favorite moment of last night’s episode?
  • What is your opinion on Mads’ dad?
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  1. Lemme start off by saying that I absolutely love the Lying Game and answering your 3 questions.

    1. Ethan and Emma seem to have chemistry … good chemistry. Since I haven’t seen the real Sutton and Ethan share a moment, I can’t say that they’re a perfect match. For now I’m all for Ethan and Emma.

    2. My favorite moment was when Emma and Ethan were dancing. So romantic!

    3. Mads’ dad is evil. Why is it so hard to support his son? And what does he want with Sutton’s laptop?

    I’m definitely anticipating another episode and another great review to read the day after.

  2. love ethan and emma. (although i still miss him as ty on switched at birth) they seem to be good together. they still need to work on their chemistry, but i think it will get there. i too love the dancing scenes with them.. as for mad’s dad. he clearly has issues. (alcohol and anger issues) no idea why he is so pissed off at his dream for trying to follow his “pipe dream”. and why does he want sutton’s laptop? did they do a lying game on him or something? and why didnt sutton tell emma about thayer?

  3. I really enjoyed the book so I was both nervous and excited when I heard they were turning this into a show. Then I was kind of worried when I saw the differences watching the first episode of the show. But after I gave it a chance it’s really grown on me and is gradually becoming one of my favorites.


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