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Home TV ‘The Lying Game’ Review: Twinsense and Sensibility
‘The Lying Game’ Review: Twinsense and Sensibility

‘The Lying Game’ Review: Twinsense and Sensibility


Um, wow. This week’s episode of The Lying Game was jam packed with information. Not to mention the crazy dreams, broken hearts, and girl drama. Honestly? I’m not complaining, I adore this show. Every episode has something new and shocking to look forward to.

Here are my favorite moments during this week’s episode of The Lying Game, Twinsense and Sensibility:

1. Nisha:
She’s a backstabber, sneaky, and devious. It’s official, I love her. We’ve experienced how rude Nisha (Sharon Pierre-Louis) could be when she taunted Sutton/Emma (Alexandra Chando) about Sutton being adopted. It’s clear that she had a lot of hate built up inside of her, but during this week’s episode, we finally got to see a reason. Sutton and Nisha used to be best friends, until Mads (Alice Greczyn) and Char (Kirsten Prout) came into the picture. Well, I can understand why she’s pissed. Now, she’s trying her hardest to break up the trio’s friendship, one lie at a time. She’s kind of like Naomi on 90210. Season one, of course.

2. Laurel and Justin:
This was inevitable. I’ve loved their relationship from the moment they looked at each other, but one thing I noticed during this episode, was the emphasis on money. Justin (Randy Wayne) apparently tipped a musician $50 instead of $5, resulting in Laural (Allie Gonino) having to pay. Now, this wasn’t what threw me off, it was the fact that he won money against Laural’s dad and Mads’ dad. I have a feeling that money is going to play a big part in their relationship. Why? Because it causes drama, and ABCFamily without drama is just… Wrong.

3. The Dream:
Well, it was more like a nightmare, but details. Emma was having a nightmare about being trapped, not being able to breathe, and feeling as though she was dying. What made this dream even more interesting was the fact that Sutton had the same dream when she was a child. Twinsense. It is later revealed that when Emma was a child, she was caught in a house fire with her mother. Sutton finds the house, and she also finds a piece of interesting information. On the ceiling of Emma’s room, is a name. Annie Hobbs. And the plot thickens.

4. Girl Drama:
Not really surprising. This episode had a lot of drama involving Char, Nisha, and Mads. For starters, Mads and her boy troubles. In the last episode, she shared a kiss with her dance instructor. All is well, until she tries to seduce him, and he flat out rejects her. Oh, and to make matters worse Nisha was sneaking around in the bushes taking pictures. Stalker? I think yes. Well, Nisha tells Char, which makes Char angry? I don’t understand why, it’s called an affair for a reason. This whole mess results in a wrench being thrown into the trio’s friendship. Score one for Nisha.

5. Daddy Mercer:
He held my interest the most during the episode. I kept trying to contemplate different theories involving his character. It turns out that Daddy Mercer is in collaboration with Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar). They knew a lot about Sutton/Emma’s birth mother. Now, this is my theory. I think that Daddy Mercer planned the house fire, in order to kill the birth mother. He probably knew it was a matter of time before she came after Sutton, and he didn’t want that. I’m really interested in seeing where this goes.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode. The Lying Game never disappoints. It keeps me hooked, and it keeps me guessing. Definitely brightens my Monday nights!

Rating: A


  • What was your favorite moment during this week’s episode?
  • What are your theories involving Daddy Mercer and Alec Rybak?
  • Do you think Emma and Sutton’s birth mother is still alive?

Don’t forget, ABCFamily’s, The Lying Game, has changed it’s time from 9:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST on Monday nights!

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  1. i think the birth mother is alive, and alek is paying her off or something. im diffidently interested in seeing what all is going down between the dad/uncle and the birth mother.

    and i agree with you on the whole money issue. there is going to be more drama with that coming im sure.

  2. i think the birth mother is alive but somehow disabled from the fire and that is why emma became a foster kid.

    i agree that the fire happened because daddy mercer didn’t want to lose sutton.

    i think alec will be the real father of sutton and emma, and that’s the reason for the hidden adoption. mercers wanted a kid so he hooked them up.

    are most house fires are not cleaned up even 14 years after the fire and have clean new brooms in them just in case someone wants to look at ceiling art? and who signs their name after they paint stars on the ceiling? love it!


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