‘The Lying Game’ Mid-Season Finale Review: East of Emma

This week was the mid-season finale of The Lying Game, and I already want the next one. I cannot believe that we have to wait until 2012 for the next episode! That’s just cruel. I think it’s safe to say that ‘East of Emma’ was probably my favorite episode. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and had me wanting more. This episode sums up my feelings for the whole series. It’s addictive.

This episode was filled with twists, deception, and a whole bunch of lies (obviously). Every week, it gets harder for me to pick my favorite moments, because the episode as a whole is simply amazing. Just thinking about it gives me chills!

1. “I’m Gonna Tell Them the Truth:”

With Sutton (Alexandra Chando) returning to Phoenix in a matter of hours, Emma and Ethan (Blair Redford) need to figure out a plan. Will they run off together? No, that’s too easy. Emma decides that the best thing to do is to tell the truth. I love how every time she tried to tell someone who she really was, she would freeze and say something completely different. If I was in that situation, I would just spit it out. I hate to say this, but it’s pretty obvious that everyone likes the new and improved Sutton, so why wouldn’t they let Emma stay?

2. Justin and Laurel:

I understand being intimidated by your girlfriend’s dad, but Justin (Randy Wayne) takes it to a whole new level. Since the last episode, Justin has been extremely skeptical of Laurel’s (Allie Gonino) dad, Ted (Andy Buckley). That’s got to put a strain on the relationship, right? I know that Justin is hiding something big from Laurel; there have been a lot of speculations about it. In fact, a lot of the fans are questioning whether Ted is really Justin’s dad. No. I will not let this happen. Why? Because Justin and Laurel are the most adorable thing on this show, and making them half brother and sister would be disgusting. Let me compose myself. I can’t even… Please, let him be hiding something else. ANYTHING else.

3. “I Love You:”

Ethan saying, “I love you” to Sutton, thinking that it’s Emma, is possibly the sweetest thing ever… In a really twisted way. Even after hearing Ethan’s true feelings toward, not only Emma, but herself, Sutton still tried to make a mess of things. This really shows how selfish Sutton is. Why can’t she let her twin sister, whom she barely knows, and who stole her life, be happy! I mean, come on. Well, at least she complicates things in style. She meets Ethan at the cabin from the pilot, and pretty much jumps his face. I’m not going to add any witty remark to that statement, it speaks for itself.

4. “You’re A Vindictive Little Bitch:”

Major twin fight! Talk about sibling rivalry, if you can even call it that. Honestly, even though Sutton is fabulous and evil, I’ve got to side with Emma on this one. Sutton wanted Emma to take her place, the fact that her family, friends, and boyfriend fell in love with her is Sutton fault. She takes so much for granted, and she’s selfish. What really irked me was how immature Sutton behaved throughout the whole episode. Instead of just forgetting about Ethan, she had to go and cause a huge mess. Instead of just letting Emma stay, or leaving for that matter, she wanted to out her in front of everyone. Alexandra Chando is absolutely amazing, because she can make me love, and hate her at the same time.

5. The Last Five Minutes:

In the last five minutes of The Lying Game‘s mid-season finale, so much went down. My heart was racing, and I didn’t want the episode to end. Two game-changers happened. One, as Emma is about to reveal her true identity to the town, she sees a dark figure in the back. Of course, this prompts her to make up something to say, and she runs after the figure. As she walks out of the party, with Kristen (Helen Slater) following, they both come face-to-face with Annie Hobbs (Stacy Edwards). Talk about awkward.

If that wasn’t an awesome ending already, they take it one step further by leaving us guessing: Will Sutton live, or will she drown? The last we see of Sutton is her car almost completely emerged in water. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

I probably watched that episode five times, it was just so good! I can’t get over all the twists and turns they threw in there. I keep thinking, that was the mid-season finale, how are they going to top the season finale? If this episode was any indication on how the rest of the season will be, I honestly cannot wait for 2012.

Rating: A+


  • What will happen to Sutton?!
  • Do you think Char and Thayer might become more than friends?
  • Annie Hobbs. (Not a question, just a statement!)


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  1. What will happen to Sutton? I honestly wish I could guess. In the book, she’s dead before the story begins. I would honestly love to say no, she will not drown, but after the ending, I can’t even give my opinion.

    Char and Thayer… Yes, I do. But I don’t think it will last long. When Sutton and Thayer stayed together, I thought they would become Emma and Ethan, but no, all we got was a one-night-stand. I know Char still has feelings for Derek, which will get in the way of anything Char and Thayer could have. Thayer is a little flirty… But, with Derek, he’s way worse as a flirt in my opinion. So… same as Sutton’s, undetermined.

    Annie Hobbs. Holy insert-word-of-choice-here. With both Alec and Ted at the party, she’s definitely a risk-taker, like both of her daughters. Who was she coming to see, exactly, is my question to you. Was it Sutton or Emma she truly wanted?

    My other question to you: Why was Emma’s hair wet? It wasn’t raining outside. It couldn’t have been, because no one else’s hair was wet, and why would anyone just stay inside and not just stroll outside for a bit?

    I wonder is Sutton was actually being Emma in Sutton’s shoes, while most likely not the case, her hair was wet, and someone did surprise Sutton/Emma. Though I don’t believe this to be because of her little attempt of telling the truth.

    My guess is that Emma scared Sutton, while not making much sense, it is on possible guess. Or, Annie. Annie was wearing that cover-up black thing outside, wasn’t she? What popped up in the car, exactly? Wasn’t it that same cover-up?

    My last, and final question: How did whoever was in that car with Sutton manage to escape before Sutton herself?

  2. I know people keep citing the books… and as a result… Sutton dying is not unrealistic. But seeing as how the show did an entire half season off canon or AU, Sutton can still be alive.

    It might be wishful thinking on my part, as i really don’t want Sutton dead…To me, it sort of removes a giant catalyst. Sutton’s dead, Emma is now Sutton, all issues are resolved. Why would Emma make it priority to discover who killed her vengeful sister? She would have the life she always wanted. I suppose the return of Annie Hobbs could throw a wrench in it all… if it were to reveal that Sutton and Emma did both exist…and one is missing…Perhaps implicating Emma in Sutton’s death/disappearance and forcing her to exonerate herself…but that becomes tedious and boring, to me at least. But to keep Sutton alive might become too redundant and messy? How do they continue to incorporate the two into the story-line, if only one can be in Phoenix? *sigh* we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Char and Thayer should be interesting. It would def be a down-low relationship, seeing as how Mads wasn’t keen on the idea of Thayer being in a relationship with her friends…Namely Sutton…but he was definitely making it known that he’s interested.

  3. OK, fyi- It WAS raining when Emma showed up to the party. And Sutton… I don’t know, maybe they can’t kill her off, b/c like someone else said, it takes away the catalyst. But, who really wants her anyway, she’s wretched and selfish. She GAVE Emma her life, then accusses her of STEALING it; not once, but multiple times. Emma is sweet and loving and deserves to be happy, she has FIXED Sutton’s life. But, why should Emma suffer by pretending to be Sutton, instead of being honest and telling everyone the truth.
    Now, about Justin and Laurel, ok they CANNOT be related! EWWWWE!!! But perhaps Justin is related to Annie in some twist…
    Char and Thayer- who really wants to see that? I mean poor Char is always getting the left-overs. Derek finally stood up to Alec, even though he knew he’d get into trouble
    Mads… I feel for her, but she too trusting of her sneaky creep-o dad
    Ethan- I freaking love him! He’s such a wonderful guy, Emma changed him too, he’s no longer and angry outcast, he’s her loving devoted boyfriend who will do ANYTHING for her.
    I hope Emma get to stay, and also has the chance to tell everyone the truth.

  4. Great article. The finale was MIND BLOWING! I loved how much happened in the last few minutes – and also throughotu the entire episode too, it definitely kept us on our toes.

  5. Yes, it was raining. When ‘Annie’ was at the window did nobody see the rain coming down it? And then they went outside and it was like thunder and lightning and RAINING.

  6. Sutton is so much better than Emma. I don’t understand why you are condemning Sutton, when Emma is the one who betrayed her. Sutton fought back. I’m sure anyone would do the same if their twin sister stole their boyfriend.