‘Jane by Design’ Review: A Laid-Back, Fresh New Drama

If you like fashion, adorably awkward teens, and conniving coworkers Jane by Design might just be the show of your dreams! The series premiere has been hyped up a lot over the last few months, and I can honestly say that I was slightly excited to give it a try. I must admit, it reminded me so much of the Nickelodeon show, True Jackson VP. I had many mixed feelings on the show, and by the end of the premiere I didn’t know if I liked it or not.

Jane by Design is centered around a high school student who lands a job as an executive assistant in a fashion company. The whole situation is a huge mix up, involving mistaken identity of epic proportions. Jane (Erica Dasher) is aware of the mistake, but continues the facade in hopes of getting her family out of debt. Now she must balance high school, her job, and her social life.

My initial thought of the series was ‘cute,’ and that is still very accurate. It’s a cute show, and it had its moments. During the pilot, I couldn’t quite categorize the genre, which isn’t a bad thing. I couldn’t tell if it was a comedy or a drama. By the end, I realized that it is a drama, but it’s laid back. It’s not like other ABC Family dramas, in which there are switched babies, psychotic killers, pregnant teens, or any other extreme dramatic pull. The series is simple and it wins you over with its adorable, yet awkward charm. I must admit, it did bore me at times, but it wasn’t boring enough to make me want to change my channel to watch a show about witches, or something else.

My favorite part of the show was India de Beaufort’s role as India Jourdain. I adore the actress, and when I saw her on the show acting like a bitchy, powerful woman, I couldn’t help but smile. Another aspect that I liked was the relationships. Jane and her best friend, Billy (Nicholas Roux). They had great chemistry, and not particularly in a romantic way. Jane, though is a unoriginal character, but it works. She’s likable, and Erica Dasher delivers a fresh and charming performance.

Like I stated before, my feelings are mixed. I like the show, but it doesn’t keep my interest throughout the hour time slot. It’s cute and it’s different from other shows on the network, but is that enough?

What are your thoughts on Jane by Design?

Catch Jane by Design, Tuesday’s at 9/8c.

Review by: Dhalyn Warren

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  1. I loved the character of Jane, but the storyline in itself, was too been there done that. A high schooler taking on a job in the fashion world, there are so many movies and shows that have had a similar plot. This is the kind of show I would watch, if nothing else was on. And this season, there are more great shows then ever, so personally, I probably won’t be tuning into future episodes.

  2. the storyline was a little predictable. but i still enjoyed the show. i plan on watching more episodes

  3. This show seems like a clever combination of a female Ferris Bueller and The Devil Wears Prada. It was a little painful to watch Andie MacDowell imitate Meryl Streep imitating Anna Wintour.
    Another thing: was the scene of an office tryst really necessary. A mention of such activity in the dialogue would have worked just as well. (Not my idea of Family entertain-ment.)
    I will try another episode to see more of how this show develops.

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