Bones Episode 7.6 Review

Bones always has a good mystery to solve. This episode ‘The Crack In The Code’ starts with a group of new hires on a tour of the National Historical Museum. A shocked man points to the Lincoln statue. Discovering a bloody skull and spine, a bloody message saying “Where is the rest of me”? What a way to kick of this episode.

Booth and Bones are still bickering over finding a new house. Later she notices the the spine has been dissected and put back incorrectly on purpose. At the lab, they find the remains is of a young woman in her 20’s.

The blood that was on the statue was that of five different people. Uh oh, this can’t be good.

Later Booth goes to investigate the museum’s nighttime cleaning crew, finding out there are “blind spots” on the security cameras.

The blood test results find that five people are all F.B.I. agents. Crazy right?

At the Hoover building, Booth finds a journalist name Ezra snooping around for a story behind the murder. Caroline is not happy. Booth warns him to leave or he’ll be arrested.

Come to find out the blood was from a blood drive. All the agents are alive. The killer just wants to be noticed. Obviously.

Canceling their “date night” Angela and Hodgins are hard at work trying to figure out why some one would rearrange a vertebrae. Later Booth discovers that this killer is tech savvy making a laser pointer to disable the security cameras.

Leading Booth to a suspect with a criminal computer hacker past named Christopher Pelant. Sweets and Booth go pay him a visit. This dude is seriously off his rocker. Wicked. He is under house arrest, ankle monitor included, he hacked into government systems.
Mentioning Ezra called him wanted a story about the murder case.

At the lab, Hodgins and Angela manage to crack the code. It indicates an address–to the Justice Dept. archive building. Booth and Sweets head there to find more bloody remains inside a file room(all of which are informants with a shady past). Um, looks as though the “Where is the rest of me” mystery question answered. Eww, this show never disappoints in the gross factor.

Later, Caroline is very upset to find the Ezra found out about the remains in the FBI archive. Claiming to have an “inside” source.

I really enjoy the rare moments of Caroline–moody and witty one liners.

One thing I enjoy as well is Hodgins wacky experiments to solve a case. Camille is always keeping a eye on him. No matter how silly they may be.

The young woman killed named Inger. She was house sitting when she was killed. Heading to the home, Booth and Sweets make a horrify discovery.
A bloodbath. Literally. Yet again a bloody message left “This won’t stop”. Hmm, looks as though this like is playing a game of cat and mouse. Game on.

Sidenote Every week we see a revolving door of the same lab interns. Wondering if they will EVER just pick one?

At the lab, which was (say what) hacked. Yep it was. Shocking due to Angela scanning(uploading) the victim’s bones. The program somehow originated in her computer. The virus came from the bones. Camille shocked by this news. Hodgins, meanwhile determined the woman was killed by a stick divers use to repel sharks. Explains the way the remains became scattered.

Booth brings in Ezra for questioning, he believes he killed Inger to save his failing journalist career.
Later, Booth gets another call–yet another body. Hanging on a flag pole. It is Ezra. Uh oh. Looks like the killer had to kill to keep someone from revealing his source.

Somehow though, the body never made it to the lab. Say what now? Yes, someone managed to manipulated the paperwork. Saying the body was government waste having a deadly virus. The body was cremated. Sounds like the hacker work of Christopher. Duh, who else?

Brought in for questioning, Christopher has a good alibi. Um, what would that be? Oh yeah, the ankle bracelet.

Booth knows he is going to nail this guy. One day. He’s smart though. In the meantime, Christopher working on his next plan.

Ending with Bones and Booth going to see the home he pick out. It needs a lot of work. Bones declaring ” I love it”. Say it with me. Aww.


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