‘The Lying Game’ Review: Pleased To Meet Me

As shocking as it may be, The Lying Game just keeps getting better and better! This week’s episode was definitely epic. It featured plot twists, revelations, and a ton of scheming. From Laurel’s (Allie Gonino) shocking discovery about Justin (Randy Wayne), to Sutton (Alexandra Chando) taking her life back. I say this every week, but ‘Pleased to Meet Me’ is now in high ranks for my favorite Lying Game episode thus far.

1. Sutton’s Story:

“I don’t know who wrote this note, but one thing in it is definitely true. Someone did try to kill me.” -Sutton

It’s not that big of a surprise that not one person believes Sutton’s story at first. According to her, she was driving to the party when someone jumped up and grabbed her from behind. She didn’t see who it was, but it definitely wasn’t their mother, Annie Hobbs (Stacy Edwards), because Annie was the one that saved her. It seems a little out there, but apparently it’s true! I still have a feeling that Derek (Ben Elliott) was involved in the crash somehow. Whether he was the one in the back seat, or if he saw it happen from afar. One thing that the Lying Game has taught me: Never be too quick to believe the story they tell you.

2. Ryan Harwell (Misha Crosby):

“Ryan Harwell. Rich, snotty, entitled… You hate him.” -Mads (Alice Greczyn)

I am never one to object the entrance of a handsome new character, even if that character is said to be an entitled brat. I may be the only one, but I actually like Ryan. I’ve been waiting for a guy to sweep Mads off her feet, ever since Eduardo (Rick Malambri). Mads makes it clear that she has no interest in him, which could questionably be because of Sutton’s dislike towards him. After bidding on a set of tickets, Ryan outbids her, only to give the tickets to her (pizza and all) as a gift. A true prince charming? I do feel bad for the guy, though. New characters are always brought onto a show for a reason, and knowing the Lying Game’s history, it won’t end well.

3. Sutton’s Redemption:

“Well, when you’ve been through something like I have, it changes you. And after I was attacked, I realized how badly I treated you. I just want another chance.” -Sutton

Not buying it for a second. No matter how convincing Sutton may be, I still believe it’s all an act. I honestly don’t think Sutton hit her head hard enough to forgive Emma that easily. My guess is that Sutton is trying to undo the life Emma made there. It’s possible for people to change, but not that quickly. Plus, just in the last episode, Thayer (Christian Alexander) and Ethan (Blair Redford) told Emma some of Sutton’s evil tricks. Like I said, not buying it for a second. She has to have an ulterior motive.

4. Laurel and Justin:

“This is it. This is your chance. Tell me what’s going on, or get the hell out of my life.” -Laurel

Before I even get into the huge OMG moment, I must take a second to applaud Allie Gonino! I’ve been waiting for her character to go up on stage and sing ever since I first listened to her music. She was absolutely amazing, and I truly hope to see more of Laurel singing in the future! Now on to a serious note. Like I said in my last review, I had a feeling that Ted (Andy Buckley) had something to do with Justin’s mom’s death. I was right to some extent. Before, we thought Justin’s mom died from a car accident. It is revealed that she died after having surgery on her appendix. A surgery performed by none other than Ted Mercer.

“She was supposed to be fine! Everyone in the O.R. that night said something about your dad wasn’t right. Apparently he got a call, and after that he was nervous, distracted. Afterwards my mom was in the recovery room, and they noticed she wasn’t breathing. They tried paging your dad, but he wasn’t there! No one could find him. Turns out he didn’t stick around for the whole surgery!” -Justin

This has Alec (Adrian Pasdar) written all over it. I have a feeling Alec was tied to that call. There are so many different story lines going on in this show, but in my opinion, Justin’s story is the most interesting. We’re given so much more information, but there’s still a lot more to find out. I’m looking forward to see where Laurel and Justin go, as well as the story.

5. Sutton Takes Her Life Back:

“Her parents just saw the cut, a lot of people did. To everybody at that party, Sutton is Sutton again.” -Thayer

I’ll admit, I honestly thought Emma would get to stay Sutton for a bit longer. I was actually hoping for it. The fact that Sutton finally has her life back seems strange. Emma spent most of her time as Sutton undoing all the wrongs she did. Will Sutton change her ways? Or just revert back to the “vindictive little bitch” she was before. It’s simple, and I’m curious. Sutton spends most of the episode talking about how she’s ‘changed’ and how she’s ‘sorry’ for all she’s done. And to top that off, she told Emma that she would try to get her to stay. I think she’s lying, but we’ll see. Sutton having her life back will definitely have repercussions. What they are, we will just have to wait and find out.

I thought last week’s episode was phenomenal, but this episode? Definitely overtook it. I’m really looking forward to the next episode. With the switch back, Justin’s big reveal, AND the hot new guy? Can’t. Wait.


Review By: Dhalyn Warren


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