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Home TV ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Bringing Out the Dead
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Bringing Out the Dead

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Bringing Out the Dead


Oh. My. Originals! My head is still reeling from that fangtastic episode of The Vampire Diaries! After the disappointing episode that premiered two weeks ago, “Bringing Out the Dead” definitely showed us why TVD is one of the best shows on television. Not only did we get to see our beloved Elijah (Daniel Gillies), we also got to see some heartbreaking moments, shockers, AND the coffin has finally been opened! I have to say, I couldn’t find anything bad about this episode. I loved everything about it, but I’m going to limit this review to my top favorite moments.

1. Bill Becomes What He Hates Most:

Well, technically. Someone tried to kill him. I’m guessing this someone wasn’t aware that Bill (Jack Coleman) had vampire blood in his system, though. Either way, he began his transition. This was so heartbreaking, because Caroline (Candice Accola) didn’t want to see her father die. When she found him, she looked devastated. The fact that he gets another chance to live was a huge relief towards her… Except he didn’t want that chance. Bill resents vampires, and he refused to drink blood to complete the transition. Poor Caroline! It’s official. Mysitc Falls is the worst place to test out your parenting skills. Adults always die. If you’re a guy, you have a higher chance. Just look at Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) dad, Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) dad, and Alaric (Matt Davis) has died more times than Buffy and Harry Potter combined. Plus, Matt and Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) dads are almost nonexistent.

2. A Murderer In Mystic Falls:

A lot of people are saying it’s Meredith (Torrey DiVitto), I was one of them at first, but it’s too obvious. The writers keep on signalling that it’s her, but the fact that all the deaths are linked directly to her just seems as though someone is setting her up. The first one was her douchebag ex, Bill was a rude patient, and Alaric confronted her. I have a feeling that it’s someone we least expect. Hey, we haven’t seen Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters) since she became Team Klaus! Maybe it’s even Matt (Zach Roerig). I’d actually be happy with that. ANYTHING to get him a decent storyline.

3. A Not-So-Pleasant Dinner:

“We’re here to make a deal, Damon. Doesn’t mean we need to kiss his ass for seven courses.” -Stefan (Paul Wesley)

Elijah, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and Stefan? All at one table? I don’t know whether to be frightened or fangirl-ly. Damon and Stefan come to make a deal with Klaus. Klaus gets his coffin back, but he has to leave Mystic Falls with his family, and he has to leave Elena alone. Klaus is quite the bargainer, though. He tries to change the deal by promising a good life for Elena… And not without making a few threats first. Cue scorching Stefan’s hand in the fire. I adore Klaus. People may say I’m crazy, but he’s my favorite character. So you can guess that I wasn’t too pleased with his beat-down towards the end of the episode.

4. The “Aww” Worthy Moments:

I had to put this section in, because there were SO many adorable/heartbreaking moments.

-Elena consoling Caroline.
-Elena making sure that Alaric wasn’t dating a psycho.
-Bonnie bonding with her mother over some witchy juju.
-Caroline and her father’s goodbye.
-Damon and Stefan talking about brotherhood.
-Klaus’ mom forgiving him.

So. Many. Tears.

5. The Original Petrova:

There has been so much debate over the Original Petrova. Rumors have been flying around. People were saying that she was in the coffin, that Elijah and Klaus fought over her, AND a lot of people thought her name was Charlotte. Well, one of those rumors were true.

Her name was Tatia. She was beautiful, and had the affection from every man in town. I mean, that’s not too surprising. She DOES look like Nina Dobrev. Klaus and Elijah were both in love with her, and it made them grow apart. Another interesting fact was that it was her blood that transitioned the Originals into vampires. That’s pretty much all we know about her. Even though the writers only provided us with a tidbit of information, it makes me even more interested in her. I’m already writing a letter requesting a flashback.

6. The Doppelganger Kills Alaric:

The masked murderer strikes again! This time, he/she left Alaric alive. Okay, before I go into Elena crazy stabbing him, let me just stress how idiotic Elena must be. Okay, first you walk into your house. The power’s out, so what do you do? Explore. No. It’s Mystic Falls we’re talking about. You run and find Damon, Stefan, or even Klaus. I love Matt as much as the next girl, but he will not be able to save you from a psychotic killer. No. Then you see blood everywhere. If the power outage wasn’t sign enough, BLOOD should definitely push you to leave. But no, she just explores more. I love Elena, but some of her choices are really stupid. REALLY stupid. Okay, a little sidetracked. In order to save Alaric, Elena has to kill him, because we still have no clue if he/she is a supernatural being.

“I’m the doppelganger. That makes me supernatural.” -Elena

I totally agree with Elena’s logic here, but when Alaric was hit by the car just a few weeks before, he barely came back. That’s saying his ring isn’t functioning properly. He needed vampire blood to live. What makes Elena think that this won’t be any different? Just… No comment. Luckily he came back. P.S. I love how Matt tried to reason with her, because someone NEEDED to.

7. The Originals United (Kind Of):

“Niklaus, you are my son. And I am here to forgive you. I want us to be a family again.” -Esther (Alice Evans)

So. Many. Tears! Not only do we finally find out who’s in the coffin, we also get introduced with the last two remaining Original siblings. Introducing Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (Casper Zafer). Does gorgeousness run in the family?

Elijah didn’t trust Klaus’s intentions, so he took it upon himself to undagger the rest of his siblings. When they woke up, they were anything but pleased with Klaus. Cue vamp fight. Like most fights between family, it took only one person to break it up. Mama Original. Now, this is where I’m curious. I wonder if Elijah and Rebekah (Claire Holt) knew that Klaus was hiding Esther in the coffin. They looked surprised, so maybe they were unaware? Hopefully they clarify that in the next episode.

Now the Original family is together again (with the exception of Mikael), and I’m positive that all hell will break loose.

This episode was perfect. Absolutely loved it! Even with the “Dangerous Liaisons” promo being released early (revealing Rebekah and Esther to be back in breathing condition) I was still shocked by a lot of things. As always, The Vampire Diaries has left me with various questions, and it has me craving more! I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I feel as though it might be equivalent to season two’s, “Masquerade.”



  • Favorite part of this week’s episode?
  • Where is Tyler?
  • Who do you think is killing all the Founders Council members?
  • The Originals. Discuss!
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