‘The Lying Game’ Review: Weekend of Living Dangerously

It’s not Monday without devious twin drama, is it? Sex, lies, and a marriage? This week’s episode of The Lying Game was, for lack of a better word, insane. On the bright side, we did get a few answers. We also got a glimpse of absolute adorableness from Laurel (Allie Gonino) and Baz (Adam Brooks). But mind you, when I say glimpse, I mean it. This episode barely had time for any adorable moments. Angst, drama, and a whole bunch of lies was the main focus, as always. But that’s exactly how we like it!

1. The Girls:

Between Emma (Alexandra Chando) and Mads (Alice Greczyn) bonding, to the cute sisterly exchange between Laurel and Emma, the girls dominated this episode. Let me start by saying, Allie Gonino is flawless. She really is. Her presence onscreen is just so bubbly and enjoyable to watch. Honestly? No matter who she’s onscreen with, she connects with them in a way that just forces you to adore them. (Ex. Baz, Emma, Kristin (Helen Slater), etc.)
Secondly, Mads and Emma at the beginning of the episode? Priceless. The thing that most shows lack, including this one, is realism. I mean, it’s fiction, it is truly hard to project the realness in relationships. Though, with Mads and Emma, they do act like best friends. Their relationship seems completely real, which is a quality that I absolutely love.

2. Kristin and Ted:

“I can’t believe I lied to Kristin about something like that. I guess I was just so focused on trying to keep my family together . . . I got desperate.” -Ted (Andy Buckley)

Where do I begin? Ted and Kristin have had countless confrontations, but this particular one actually led to some answers. A few tears were shed, and a huge accusation was thrown in there, but the story Ted went with? He has never slept with Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter), and the phone call he received during Justin’s (Randy Wayne) mom’s surgery was by a fertility doctor explaining that Kristin was not pregnant. The second he said it, I didn’t believe him. Plus, it was later confirmed that it was a lie. I understand this show is about lying, but when will we find some truth? At this point, you cannot believe a word from anyone. Though, Alec did say that Kristin came a little too close to the truth. So, Kristin’s theory isn’t completely right, but it’s close? I may only speak for myself, but I want some details. Stat.

3. The Slap:

“Violence, Emma? Classy.” -Sutton

Sutton. Is. The. Worst. That reason being why this was one of my favorite moments during “Weekend of Living Dangerously”. After having enough of Sutton’s taunting over her kiss with Ethan, Emma loses it. She smacks her right across the face, and I must admit, I was silently cheering. Sutton has had that coming for weeks now. It astonishes me how horrible a sister she is! The writer’s keep feeding into separating the twin’s personality, but a part of me feels as though they’re going a bit too far. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sutton’s devious personality, but I also love realism . . . And when Emma acts like a total badass.

4. Ethan and Emma:

“No! This is never gonna be over. As much as you deny it, and as close as we get, and as much as you tell me that you love me . . . There’s always going to be a part of you that wishes that you could be with her.” -Emma

Sigh. Just when we thought these two had patched things up! After giving each other the silent treatment, Ethan and Emma finally reconciled their relationship. (The one Sutton messed up. Still bitter.) They went off, along with Laurel, Baz, and the other nameless band members, to chaperone ‘Coachella’. Zero parental supervision. After having their ride break down, Ethan and Emma take it upon themselves to make some fun of their own. Laurel and her band members leave them alone, and it takes approximately ten seconds before Emma offers the idea. Gotta love those teenage hormones.

Everything was going perfectly, but of course, something had to ruin it. Ethan came clean to Emma, and revealed that he did, in fact, kiss Sutton. Making out with your girlfriend’s twin sister does not earn you awesome boyfriend points. Emma stopped the whole thing, crushing all the Ethan/Emma ‘shipper’s’ hearts. Although I love these two together, and I’m crushed that their relationship isn’t working out, I’m not worried. I have a feeling that these two will patch things up again by the end of the season.

5. The Marriage:

“We’re getting married!” -Rebecca

Rebecca is giving “evil stepmother” a whole new meaning! Honestly, Rebecca has everyone wrapped around her finger. She is not one to be reckoned with! Between the locket, the early wedding predictions, the creepy text messages, and her superior demeanor . . . You just do not know what to expect from her. It’s hard for me to go into detail about the whole “Ted, locket” situation, because I honestly have no clue where it’s leading. I’ve always suspected that Rebecca’s agenda for arriving back in town had something to do with Ted and Alec. My main bet was to get revenge on them. The only thing that comes to mind is that Rebecca is using Alec, and that she will try to hurt him. Big time. Like I said, you really have no clue what to expect from her. She is definitely the wild card on the show. Charisma Carpenter is flawless.

There were just so, so many things that I loved about this episode! I probably could have made my ‘Top 5’ into a ‘Top 20’! This is definitely on my list for all-time favorite episodes. I’m curious about Rebecca, Ted, Ethan and Emma’s future, Alec . . . So many things! This leads me to wonder, will we get all the answers we’ve been waiting for by season’s end? Or will The Lying Game leave us in the dark? One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward to what appears to be one hell of a wedding next week . . . Literally.



  • Thoughts on the marriage?
  • Were you shocked by the picture in Rebecca’s locket?
  • Ethan and Emma. Are you upset with the outcome?


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  1. I think thy Rebecca is the twins birth mom and Ted is the dad. Also Alec is a bully. So Rebecca is out for revenge on him. I also suspect thy Rebecca knows Sutton is her daughter. Why wale would she tell her she would handle Alec. Also at Sutton’s bday party. Emma ran out thinking it was Sutton. Emma called out Sutton’s name. Then Kristen comes out calls Sutton (Emma) and Rebecca heard everything. Cuz then she pops out.

  2. I think Rebecca followed Alec tht night of Derek’s murder. And she took thy picture. Did anyone notice tht the note thy was sent to Rebecca tht night with Alec at dinner was the same type of note tht was sent to Emma whn Sutton. Was missing