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Happy Endings Recap: The Kerkovich Way

Happy Endings Recap: The Kerkovich Way


This week’s Happy Endings was a throwback to my favorite decade, the 80’s. We learned what happened the night after the Alex and Dave hookup, Max is still bummed about the breakup, and Jane is very clever putting together a plan to (try) and fool Dave and her hubby.

Alex is so in denial the night after her hookup with Dave. It’s really sort of sad. Dave goes to confront her but nothing seems to be working.

Penny and Max want to compete in the annual Rosalita Run (scavenger hunt). They are sick of losing every year though, to Julie and Justin the seemingly “perfect” couple. Having a third child on the way and being a successful writer.

Penny has had her share of very awkward moments running into Julia. We flashback to a Penny enjoying a donut (she dropped) then goes to munch on. She then tries to avoid talking to them, running into the sign right in front of her face. Classic Penny. Looks as though she and Max enjoy the same type of food.

Jane puts the plan into motion. Alex telling Dave that she was watching a movie with Jane and Brad that night. Dave clearly knows that something weird is going on.

Wanting to prove they can win, Max and Penny join the race. During which, they meet guy from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” he was not “playing” a valet guy. It’s his passion.

I love the whole 80’s John Hughes theme of this episode. Seriously, pulling at my heart strings.

Meanwhile, Alex and Jane have a chat about how they want to pull the guys into the “alternate reality” to make them believe they never slept together. Alex then tries to fight her guilt off–by krumping. Yes, you read that correctly. Best scene EVER!

Everything is going smoothly until Dave and Brad go to return the movie. It was just rented that morning. BUSTED!

Later, as they celebrate victory. The guys walk in to foil there plan. Jane then spills the details on how she did it. She is very crafty, honestly I thought she’d get away with it all. If it were not for Alex’s novice skills.

Towards the end of the scavenger hunt, a baby carriage race. It’s on!
Ah, Penny so un-gracefully trying to hop into the carriage. They wind up winning the race. Finally. Hmm,maybe this will be the year of Penny after all.

Alex and Dave agree to act as though that “one night” never happened. Those to are just so cute.

Brad pulls a guilt trip on Jane to get revenge on her. “The William’s Way.”

I really enjoyed this episode. Not as hilarious as previous, but still enjoyed it. I’m stoked to see what’s in store for next week’s episode. Let me know what you thought of this week’s episode.

Favorite lines:

“This is it, year of Penny” (Penny)
“The year has been over a couple months now. (Max)
Well, not the fiscal year of Penny. Suck it, Taxpayers” (Penny)

“I saw god, he’s black” (Alex)

“For the purpose of this pep talk. I will choose to believe that is a real thing, and not the first act of an after school special” (Max to Penny)


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