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Home TV ‘Revenge’ 2.6 Review And Recap: Illusion
‘Revenge’ 2.6 Review And Recap: Illusion

‘Revenge’ 2.6 Review And Recap: Illusion


On last night’s Revenge Conrad and Victoria got remarried for the second time around, Daniel was planning to sell Conrad out since Conrad starting to unfit to lead the company, and Emily comes up with a plan on how to tell Mason about Amanda scar being gone.

While Victoria is in her room getting ready for the ceremony, Kara comes in and started talking about love. Kara has a flashback with Gordon saying “I Love You,” to Kara. Kara seems to only have one thing on her mind is what happen to her love…

We see Emily in a freezer while opening a box that has a large black bag inside of it. Emily unzips it, and there we see Gordon’s dead frozen body. Meanwhile, Amanda has a chat with Mason, trying to convince him how she got rid of her scar. She also tells Mason that Gordon used to work for the Graysons’ a few years back.

Fast-forward to the Victoria and Conrad’s big day. Emily is Aidan’s date – which comes as a shock for Daniel. Emily looks absolutely stunning, and it clear that he still has feelings for her. Ashley seems to pick up on this well, and comments that she didn’t know Aiden knew Emily. Aiden smiles and reveals Takeda had told him to look her up.

Mason decides to pay Gordon a visit, when he steps inside his trailer though – he finds Gordon dead. As Mason looks around the crime scene, he discovers a cuff link on the floor with the initials CG on it. What Mason doesn’t realize is that Emily has done an impressive job at laying out this crime scene…

Next, we see Daniel and Emily dancing together. Daniel can’t help but bring up their relationship, and how it was almost the two of them that got married. Emily says she tries not to think about what almost was… and also tells Daniel it’s never too late to change course. And right when Emily and Daniel fans might have gotten a little extra hope, the police stampede into the house. They’re there to arrest Conrad for the murder of Gordon Murphy. Conrad and Victoria seem all too quick to point fingers – even though it is their wedding day. Not that this was surprising at all…

Emily thinks that this will solve the problem with Mason Treadwell… which I am not sure it will. At the police station, Conrad makes some sort of deal to help them in exchange for bail. A few hours later, Conrad returns back to the Grayson Manor.

In one of the sweeter moments of the episode, Amanda walks up to Jack’s boat, and after a short talk – Jack proposes. Amanda happily yells yes. Jack/Emma fans – hang in there. We still have hope they’ll end up together in the end!

In other romantic news, Aiden tells Emily that he has changed and isn’t going to give up on her. Though I’m not sure that any fans are pulling for this couple arrangement. If I’m wrong please leave your comments below and let me know!

Lastly, we see that Mason is connecting the dots… or the pictures… literally… He has a board full of photos of each individual he believes to be tied to this larger conspiracy, and he connects a string from Emily to the detention center where Amanda was for so many years. It seems Mason may know the truth… or be very close to finding it out.

What did you guys think of last night’s Revenge? Think Mason knows the truth? What do you think Emily will say when she learns of Jack and Amanda’s engagement? Sound off in our comment section below!


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