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Home TV ‘Vampire Diaries’ 4.05 Review And Recap: The Killer
‘Vampire Diaries’ 4.05 Review And Recap: The Killer

‘Vampire Diaries’ 4.05 Review And Recap: The Killer


Talk about a nail biting episode of The Vampire Diaries! Hostages, hearts being ripped out, and Elena (Nina Dobrev) showing a bit of her bad-ass side! Love it. My mind was racing all throughout this episode. Screaming at TVs did take place during the course of the hour-long period, and tears did appear. Everyone loves a bit of girl power!

Connor (Todd Williams) has been a bit of an issue the last few episodes… He’s crafty, and one hell of a hunter. After breaking out of Klaus’ house (with a Hybrid head intact), he sets off to try to kill more vampires. It was earlier revealed that the more vampires he killed, more of his tattoo would appear. What better way to trap some supernatural creatures, than to take three hostages into the Mystic Grill. Poor April (Grace Phipps), Matt (Zach Roerig), and Jeremy (Steven McQueen)!

While Connor and his hostages are off, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena, and Stefan (Paul Wesley) try to devise a plan to save everyone… Except Connor. Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) orders are simple to Stefan, though. He wants Connor alive. No Connor, means no cure. I loved this twist, because once again, Stefan has to make the hard decisions. Damon always seems to get on Stefan for always doing things to make Elena happy, even if it’s not in her best interest… This week, that wasn’t the case.

In the end, his lies turned out to be his downfall. By keeping Damon and Elena out of the loop, it resulted in Jeremy getting hurt, Damon almost ripping his heart out, and Elena inevitably killing Connor. Keep in mind, Elena did what Klaus, Stefan, Tyler, and Damon couldn’t do. Badass. To be honest, I’m kind of upset that Connor’s dead. I liked him a lot! Though, when one villain leaves, another always seems to return. *Cough* Katherine *Cough*

Also, I’m suspecting that whenever a hunter dies, a new member of the Brotherhood of the Five appears. That means that our sweet little Jerbear will be off killing some vampires this season! Aww yes!

Definitely one of my favorite episodes so far! The writer’s actually succeeded in having all of their characters have a relevant part in an episode (Except for Rebekah. Temporarily RIP)! Plus, ‘The Killer’ was a pretty massive game-changer. With Connor dead, it leaves Jeremy to hunt all the vampires, and Elena to be consumed with guilt. These two storylines will definitely be interesting, though I have a feeling that Elena’s guilt storyline will not last very long. It also begs the question, with Connor gone, will Professor Shane go after Jeremy? I’m pretty excited about where this will take us!



  • Are you excited to see Katherine’s return next week?
  • Thoughts on Jeremy’s Hunter Tattoo appearing?
  • How do you feel on the guilt storyline Elena’s about to partake in?
  • Who do you want Tyler and Caroline with? Each other, or Klaus and Hayley?

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