‘Once Upon A Time’ 2.07 Episode Review And Recap: Child of the Moon

A full moon on Once Upon A Time means two things: Tons of Ruby action and tons of blood! It’s the first full moon in Storybrooke since the curse was broken, so that means emotions are running even higher than usual. During last night’s episode, we got to see Ruby (Meghan Ory) come to terms with her inner wolf in Fairytale Land, and in Storybrooke. Plus, we get a few answers about Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) peculiar nightmares.

The Fairytale World (Past):

Red becomes one with the wolf! We get transported into the past, when Snow and Red were still being hunted by the Evil Queen’s men. Red hasn’t yet been able to control her shifting ability, and Snow is finally learning to fend for herself. It’s no doubt that Red is still fearful of her ability to shift, what with killing her love and all. She sends Snow away during the full moon to ensure her safety. In the event of this, she runs into a few unlikely people. Fellow werewolves, including her mother. She’s with them for about a day or so, and she quickly learns how to control her transformations. Woo! Though, when Snow finds her, all hell breaks loose. One of the fellow werewolves, Billy, gets shot with an arrow, and death isn’t taken lightly with this pack. No, no. They try to eat Snow, but Red saves her, inevitably killing her mother in the process. As if I couldn’t love Red and Snow’s relationship anymore than I already do.


In the first five minutes, we get a bit of ‘shipper’ hope. The dwarves, while mining, found fairydust diamonds. This means that David (Josh Dallas) and the rest of Storybrooke are that much closer to finding out a way to get back to the Enchanted Forest and being reunited with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin). Sadly, this happiness is short-lived, because of the full moon. It’s a known fact that Ruby can easily control her werewolf-ness, but seeing as she hasn’t changed in 28 years, it’s no doubt that she’s rusty. Attempt one of restraining herself: Locking herself in a freezer. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but oh well. That obviously failed greatly, seeing as she tore the door off. Her werewolf nose probably picked up the scent of that frozen lasagna.

David and Granny (Beverley Elliott) went out to search for her, and found her resting in the woods. All is well, until David gets a call that sets the episode drama in motion. A few dead bodies found, and Ruby automatically blames herself! Attempt two of restraining herself: Chilling in a library, and plot twist! Chaining up the librarian. Everyone, including King George (Alan Dale), wanted Ruby’s head on a stick. Hate how only David had enough common sense to actually go digging for more clues, than to just pin the crime on someone. Well, it turns out that the real murderer was King George, and that Ruby was innocent all along. She calmed down enough in wolf form to have David put her red anti-wolf-transformation robe on, and the old Ruby was back… Fully clothed, might I add. I find it funny how the wolves in Once Upon A Time get to keep their clothes, but the wolves in True Blood and The Vampire Diaries don’t… Vampire, definitely. Everything is all and well, until freaking King George steals all the fairydust diamonds and burns them all (which I honestly do not understand how is possible.) I guess it’s back to square one.

I absolutely loved this episode! I adore Meghan Ory and her portrayal as Red. Having her shine in her own plot-centric episode is refreshing. She’s definitely a breath of fresh air on cable TV. I also loved the subtle hint they gave that Snow was thinking of Ruby during the Enchanted Forest’s full moon. But can we just discuss how major Henry’s new ability is? Now that Aurora knows exactly who’s in her nightmare with her, they can communicate between everyone. It’ll be like the Notebook, but instead of letters between Snow and Charming, they communicate through bratty princesses and their grandchild.



  • Did you enjoy Ruby’s plot-centric episode?
  • Thoughts on King George ruining another chance for Snow, Charming, and Emma to be reunited?
  • Are you liking this new Henry storyline?


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