Revolution 1.10 Episode Recap And Review: Nobody’s Fault But Mine

The Revolution Fall Finale began with a flashback of Miles’s. Five years after the blackout, during a fighting spree called the Trenton Campaign, Miles and Monroe are holed up next to some rubble, shooting at opposing fire, when Miles runs out of bullets. He reveals that he is wounded, and tries to convince Monroe to leave, stating that someone has to lead the men. Monroe responds that in all the years they’ve been together, Miles never left his side, and that if Miles is dying, Monroe is dying with him.

In the present, Miles, Charlie, Nora, and Aaron have made it to Philadelphia. Nora and Charlie are supporting each other, and Miles notices that Charlie’s head is bleeding again. After a quick discussion on what to do, Nora hastily cleans up a bit and knocks on the door of one of Miles’s old contacts, General Kipling. She says she is a gift from Captain Baker. When Kipling opens the door, the others rush in, and Miles asks for his help, saying that Kipling is the only friend he has left in the town.

Monroe is asleep in his room when he is awakened by Neville, who tells him that he received a coded message from Wheatley yesterday, stating that he was bringing Miles in. However, they just discovered Wheatley dead, which meant that Miles was nearby, either preparing to rescue Danny or bring down Monroe. Neville tries to suggest that Monroe go to Boston, and Monroe gets belligerent, stating that he does not run. He responds that he is at a critical point with Rachel, and that they are only days away from an all-out war with Georgia.

In Kipling’s house, Nora cleans off Charlie’s head wound while Miles and Kipling talk. When Kipling tries to figure out why Miles returned, Miles stares over at Charlie and simply responds that things have changed. Kipling asks Miles what he will do if and when he comes face-to-face with Monroe, and Miles says that he will probably have to kill him. Nora interrupts, asking what the plan is. Miles says he is going to go scouting and locate Danny; when Nora tries to argue about what could happen if he is recognized, Miles responds that he knows the streets better than anyone, and will return in an hour. Before he leaves, Charlie reminds him to be careful.

Later on, the group is sleeping when the door to their room is bust open, and Neville appears with militia men. When Charlie accuses Kipling of turning them in, Neville responds that he didn’t, but that he should have, before the group is forced to their feet and led away. Neville suddenly grabs Charlie and injects her in the neck with a sedative. When she starts to regain consciousness, she is being dragged down a hallway. She is put in a room, and turns to discover her mother.

Rachel expresses her happiness at seeing Charlie and then notices Charlie’s injury. When she reaches out to comfort her, Charlie flinches back, and is oddly silent while Rachel keeps talking.

Aaron and Nora are sitting at a table while Neville walks around them. Neville states that he recognizes Aaron from his days as the “wizard of Google,” and tells him that he likely enjoyed ordering around people, and that Neville was one of those people. He mocks him for how the roles have now changed since the blackout and how he hopes that Miles will come to rescue them.

Rachel continues to try and explain things to Charlie, apologizing for leaving them so long ago, while Charlie, overwhelmed with meeting the mother she believed dead, begs her to stop and give her a minute to absorb things. She finally orders Rachel into silence, telling her that they are going to find a way out of their room and go get Danny. A stunned Rachel tells Charlie that she’s grown up.

The two crouch down next to an air vent that Rachel has been trying to pry open with her fingers. They talk about Ben and how he died, and when Rachel finds out that Charlie came there with Uncle Miles, she asks Charlie if Miles hurt her. Charlie denies it and asks why Rachel would ask something like that, but they are interrupted by the sound of someone approaching. They quickly shove a table by the vent, hiding their work, as Strausser walks in.

Miles returns to Kipling’s house and discovers it’s been compromised. He ends up going to Neville’s house, and when Neville walks into his office, he turns to find Miles holding a sword to Julia’s throat. Miles demands Danny, Charlie, and the others his for Julia’s life. When Julie tries to beg Neville not to give in to Miles, believing that he will slit their throats no matter what, Neville responds that he has no choice and leaves. He returns shortly after with Nora and Aaron, and tells Miles that Charlie and Danny are at the north end of the city in the power plant with Monroe. Miles locks Neville and Julie in a closet and the three head out to find Charlie and Danny.

Strausser takes Charlie and Rachel to where Danny is being held, presumably the power plant that Neville mentioned. Danny has been hurt, but tries and brushes it off when Rachel expresses concern. Monroe walks in, introducing himself to Charlie. When Rachel demands to know why Danny has been beaten up, Monroe responds that he’s done playing games with her. He points out an amplifier that Dr. Jaffe was working on that was to be a backup to Rachel’s before they realized she was actually building a bomb. Since she killed Jaffe, Monroe expects Rachel to finish the amplifier that Jaffe was building. Charlie attempts to dissuade Rachel from following Monroe’s orders, so Monroe has Strausser pull his gun and ask Rachel to pick which of her children should die. Charlie continues to beg Rachel not to help Monroe, saying that some things are more important than family, finally demanding to be the one to die. However, before Strausser pulls the trigger, Rachel gives in and says she will finish the amplifier. Monroe orders Strausser to take Charlie and Danny back to the holding cells, and to kill them both of Rachel does anything suspicious.

The next morning, outside the power plant, Miles expresses doubts on how to infiltrate the property. Surprisingly, Aaron says that he has an idea on how to do it. Within the complex, Monroe is talking to one of his men, who is wondering why the orders have always been to bring Miles in alive. The militia man offers to be the one to kill Miles, stating that he can do it, to which Miles responds, asking the man if he thinks that Monroe can’t.

We then come to the second flashback of the episode, this one from Monroe’s point of view. Two years before the blackout, Monroe is sitting by the side of a gravesite, drinking. A sedan pulls up, and Miles gets out, asking what Monroe is doing. Monroe drunkenly jokes that he’s having a family meal, before musing about how he always believed he’d be dead by then, considering that he had two tours of duty in Iraq. Instead, his parents and little sisters died on their way to a Harry Potter movie, due to a drunk driver. He starts to cry, saying that it should have been him that died. Miles takes the bottle away from him, and when Monroe says he has nothing left; Miles looks over and says that he has him. Monroe laughs and wipes at his face, as Miles adds that he would be nothing without Monroe, and that they’ve been brothers since they were kids. As Monroe nods in agreement, Miles tells him to give him the gun that Monroe has hidden by his side, before he does something stupid. Again, Monroe nods, and hands over the gun.

Back in Philadelphia, Danny stands guard while Charlie keeps working at the air vent in the holding cell. She manages to pry it open just as a militia man enters the room; Danny pretends to crawl into the space, but when he’s grabbed by the militia man, Charlie strikes him from behind with the grate. While Danny watches, stunned, she grabs the man’s keys and his gun. They exit the cell to go find their mother.

Aaron, Nora, and Miles quickly work out a plan. Nora and Miles will infiltrate the facility by using an intake pipe, while Aaron stays outside with some pipe bombs to use for a quick exit if needed.

Inside the facility, Rachel pauses and picks up the pendant. A faint humming fills the air, and she places the pendant in the amplifier. The amplifier lights up, and so do various other electrical objects in the room.

Close by, Danny and Charlie are sneaking up to the room where Rachel is working, when they are discovered and militiamen start shooting. Charlie returns fire with the gun she had taken, but it appears to jam. She and Danny make a run for it, but they are accosted by a militia man that Monroe had ordered to find out what was going on, when he heard the gunfire. Before they can be apprehended, Miles appears and kills the man. He and Nora are ready to leave with Danny and Charlie, but Charlie tells them that her mother is there and that they need to rescue her. Miles tells Charlie to get Danny out of there, and that he and Nora will go get Rachel.

As Rachel stares down at the amplifier, Strausser approaches from behind and strokes her neck, saying that everything will be fine. She grabs a hammer and attempts to strike him with it. He wrestles her to the ground and pulls a knife, but Rachel manages to grab another piece of metal and stun him with it, before wrenching his knife from his grasp and stabbing him with it. While he gasps in shock, Rachel tells him that that is for what he has done to her in the past, and watches as he dies.

Seconds later, Miles runs in. Rachel gets up, expressing shock at seeing him. She walks over, and slaps him hard in the face. Before either can say anything, another door opens, and the man that Monroe had been talking to earlier (that offered to kill Miles) walks in with a few other militia men. They open fire, and Miles and Rachel flee out the door that Miles had used to gain entry into the room. They don’t get far when Monroe appears with some of his men. Miles tells Rachel to go after Danny and Charlie and that he will hold Monroe off.

As Miles and Monroe stare at each other, we see another quick flashback. Young Miles and Monroe, in their very early teens, jokingly yell that they will kill each other as they race across a bridge with fake guns. We return to the present, and Monroe suddenly dashes to the side as Miles opens fire and kills the other men. He moves out from where he had hidden, and now it is just Miles and Monroe in the hallway, and as they greet each other, we return again to that flashback of the two boys, now sitting against a tree next to a stream. They are clumsily drawing a sigil on their left arms with Sharpie markers, and the young Monroe tells Miles that it stands for their last names, Monroe and Matheson. They compare marks, which are actually the modern-day Monroe Militia mark that is burned into the arms of all of Monroe’s men.

We return to the present, where Monroe and Miles are holding guns on each other and slowly creeping toward each other. Miles tells Monroe that he can’t believe that he kept Rachel prisoner for all of those years. Monroe responds that if Miles cared so much about her, he shouldn’t have left her. Miles states that Rachel is family, but Monroe denies that statement, saying that he and Miles are family, more so than Rachel, Ben, or the kids. He lowers his gun, telling Miles that he won’t kill him, and that he wants Miles to come back. He conveys to Miles that he forgives him, and that if Miles would just come back, he’d give Miles whatever he wants, including his family’s lives. He drops his gun, and tells Miles that he understands why Miles couldn’t shoot him the last time he had the chance; that they could never harm each other.

Miles slowly lowers his own gun and apologizes. Monroe, looking relieved, raises his arms as if to hug Miles, but Miles continues, saying he’s sorry that he didn’t kill Monroe the first time he had the chance. He goes on to say that Monroe is not the same person, and he’s too far gone; and most importantly, they are no longer family and Monroe is nothing to him.
Monroe laughs, and then lunges forward, grappling with Miles for his gun. The two fight, and when the gun runs out of ammunition, they both draw swords. When it looks like Miles is winning, some of Monroe’s men appear, and Monroe orders them to kill Miles. Before they can, Miles escapes out a window.

Outside, Aaron presses the pipe bombs to the wall and attempts to light the fuse, while on the other side of the fence, Nora, Charlie, Danny, and Rachel wait, hiding from men patrolling the area. After a few failed attempts, Aaron manages to light the bombs, and the wall explodes. In the ensuing chaos, the group makes their exit. Charlie looks back frantically for Miles, who suddenly appears and leaps through the hole, ordering Charlie to run.

The group, now six strong, runs through a field outside of the compound, when we hear a strange thrumming sound in the air. They all stop, and stare back…and up…at a helicopter that has risen up into the sky. As they all look up in shock, the guns on the sides of the helicopter start to spin.

Thoughts on Revolution Episode 1.10: Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Wowza! Talk about ending the fall season with a bang! So much went on in this episode; where should we start? Was anyone else curious about the difference in reactions between Danny and Charlie when they found out their mother was alive? What do you think about this episode’s flashbacks, which show us exactly how close Miles and Monroe were? Kinda makes you wonder exactly what Monroe did to break such a bond, right? And that helicopter!! What else happened in this episode that has you bouncing on the edge of your seat, waiting for the season to resume? Let us know your thoughts about this episode in the comments section!


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  1. I find this show so frustrating. It just seems like stuff happens just to keep the “story” going.

    Neville vows to kill Miles for threatening his wife and Miles, knowing how lethal the man is, just locks him in a closet?

    Miles can verbally “destroy” Monroe by saying that they’re NOT brothers and that he should’ve killed him when he had the chance. But he can’t kill an unarmed Monroe standing a foot in front of him with an automatic weapon?

    Rachel is smart enough to build the amplifier but she can’t destroy it or remove the pendant needed to power it? Oh, but she didn’t have the time. Oh, I don’t know maybe she could have disabled this machine making the Monroe Militia the most powerful on the planet while she was slapping her brother-in-law and rescuer, Miles.

    I keep reminding myself how popular this show is (and maybe I’m missing something that the rest of the TV world enjoys) and that it has some great talent behind the scenes. Eric Kripke created “Supernatural” (one of my favorite shows), so I know he can do some great stuff on TV.

    But, like I said, I find this show really frustrating.

  2. Agree with Adrian B! Monroe is standing right in front of him but Miles can’t pull the trigger. Guess it’s too soon to kill off the bad guy. I think delaying Revolution’s return will hurt the show. The momentum and interest will wan and better shows like Fallen Skies will fill the void.

  3. Revolution has become entertaining because it’s so bad. A couple of my officemates at DISH actually started laughing when the helicopter was pointed at them. I’m definitely going to continue watching this show to see how much worse it can get. I have class on Monday nights though, so I’m catching up each week using Prime Time Anytime on my DISH Hopper. My DVR automatically records all the prime time shows on the four major networks for me. I can’t wait to see what unrealistic, near death experience, Charlie survive next.