‘Once Upon A Time’ 2.12 Recap and Review: In the Name of the Brother

This week on Once Upon A Time, we were indulged with a few twists involving the classic story of Frankenstein! Not only that, but Storybrooke must come face-to-face with their first real outsider. Last week, we were left wondering the fate of Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) after an epic episode, but did ‘In the Name of the Brother’ live up to Once Upon A Time’s high standards?


Save a man who could put all of Storybrooke in danger, or not… That is the question. Picking up right where we left off last week, the gang try to pick up all the pieces after the horrendous accident. Belle’s memory of her fairytale self is gone, Hook has a few broken ribs and a dark one ready to rip him to shreds, and a mysterious, unconscious man has everyone on their toes. Meanwhile, Dr. Whale (David Anders) is drunk and reminiscing. Much to Rumpelstiltskin’s (Robert Carlyle) dismay, it seems that Belle is a lost cause when it comes to her memory. She went total ‘The Vow’ on him. Not even the teacup could help. Honestly, Belle and Rumple are my favorite couple on this show, and this whole situation is really making me upset! In other news, Cora (Barbara Hershey) hatches a plan to get back into Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) good graces. She strikes up a truths with Rumple, getting his help in return for giving him a device that makes it easier to track Baelfire down. You would think that this tool is enough, but Rumple decides to enlist the help of Emma (Jennifer Morrison), forcing her to leave Snow, Charming, and Henry to help Rumple find his son. She’s only been back in Storybrooke for a short while, and she’s already leaving again! Sad, but an interesting twist.

Now with Rumple and Emma off, it leaves the rest of Storybrooke to deal with the mysterious man who happened to crash into town. At the end of the episode, after all of the drama between getting Dr. Whale to save him, the Whalewolf ship forming, and the stranger admitting to not seeing anything… It turns out that he did, in fact, see things. Magical things,and I’m curious to see where this goes. He’s already called ‘Her’ back, and spilled all the details, but what does that mean for our Storybrooke characters?

The Fairytale World:

It’s the story of Frankenstein, but this time, we’re given a bit more backstory on our scarred doctor. It’s the story that has been told countless times before. Two sons, ones the golden child, while the other is the screw up. The screw up, in this case being Dr. Frankenstein, tries desperately to gain his father’s love, but inevitably fails. This time, it’s a bit more tragic. Cue Rumplestiltskin. One thing that I liked about this scene was the obvious differentiation between color… Further detailing the different worlds. Off point, though. Rumple makes a deal with Frankenstein. He funds his lab activities if Frankenstein teaches Rumple the ‘magic’ of science. Of course it’s a done deal, but all magic, including science, comes with a price. Events turn horribly wrong when his brother is shot and killed, but seeing as Frankenstein is skilled in the art of resurrecting the dead, he brings his brother back no problem… Well, except for the fact that he’s a complete monster and ends up killing their father. Oops. Realizing his wrongs, Victor tries to ‘kill’ his brother, but couldn’t go through with the deed, despite his brother’s willingness for death. Sad.

Eh, I wasn’t really feeling this episode of Once Upon A Time. I adore the story of Frankenstein, but I constantly felt myself losing interest during the short hour-long period. Definitely not my favorite. Yes, it did its job by placing the idea in the audience’s head that there are multiple worlds and that Emma and Rumple will be setting off to find Baelfire… Though it still had something missing. Perhaps the jaw-dropping, surprise aspect to it?



  • Will Belle get her memory back?
  • Thoughts on Emma and Rumple setting off to find Baelfire?
  • The strange man crashed into Storybrooke, what’s going to happen now?


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  1. what i don’t understand is how is it that Emma wasn’t able to tell that the stranger (ethan embry) was lying about what he saw? isn’t emma suppose to be a human lie detector? as soon as she left the room he got on the phone and called someone about what he saw right as he got into the accident.

  2. Thanks for the recap! I missed this episode when it first premiered and my DVR recording was accidentally deleted by my kid, so I just found the time today to catch up free on DISH Online. I liked the episode in the long run, but I agree with you about something missing. To answer your questions; I hope Belle gets her memory back, because just like you I am very upset with the whole situation! Rumple is my favorite in the entire series, so I just want to see him happy for once! I think the reason why Emma is going with Rumple is because my theory of Baelfire being Neal is correct! I hope that’s the case anyways because I watched that episode with Neal in my office at DISH too many times for him not to be lol! I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Greg, but I do have a feeling he’s going to be up to something with “Her”. I guess only time will tell, so I’ll anxiously be awaiting the next installment! 🙂